Pirates will be back in three weeks? No way!


Orlando Pirates administrative manager Floyd Mbele give us possible time when football would come back in South Africa. But this will only be if the PSL will force this season.

Football fans can’t wait to find out what will happen with this season. Specifically now when in many countries football will start in a short time. Everyone knows how crazy are fans for a football in South Africa.

South Africa is currently in lockdown, they can’t have large gatherings and domestic travel. There is a huge probability that they will not start to play in a short time.

Maybe PSL should decide that they should start to play. But only in the time when the government gives them a green light. There is some belief that this could be in four to six weeks. The only question is what will be the results for PSL.


Floyd Mbele speaks about Pirates and PSL

If we ask him, they should start with this season in four to six weeks, but only with training. After that, they can start this season. The main reason why they have pre-season, to bring teams in the top form. Now they are too long on a break, and it will be hard to bring teams in a short time in top form.


We can’t tell that players are now on the training. They practice at home, but they don’t have all big yards and they can’t run. Many of them only do basic training. Pirates don’t want to risk injuries and put their players back in competitive football after two or three weeks of training.

Mbele doesn’t know how the player would play on that level when they all know that pre-season is six weeks. If they can be prepared in such a short time, then they don’t need pre-season.

After one season, players got a full program, and only like that they can stay in a form. Right now they can’t run on the streets. The only training they can do in the house. Mbele doesn’t want to bring his players in problems. As he said, no way!