Peter Beardsley suspended for racism

Peter Beardsley

Peter Beardsley former Newcastle United coach may not engage in any football activities for the next 32 weeks. The reason is racist insults towards some players. Peter is a former football player who played between 1979 and 1999. In addition to his rich playing career, he is also a famous football coach with several good results.

Peter called one black player a monkey and joked about climbing trees in his free time. This news was published by an independent football association. Peter was unpleasantly surprised by the news. Because of the alleged statements, the English Football Federation accused him of using racism. The former player, coach denied all of these claims.

Beardsley has left Newcastle after a 14-month investigation. The FA Council said if it did not intend to speak it was an offense. Because of that he had to complete an educational course. The council later said it did not think Peter was a racist and did not behave badly for others simply because of their nationality or skin color.

Peter is now 58 years old with probably no benefit from racism education. One witness who attended the event when Peter allegedly called the player a monkey believes it was not because of racism. He eventually concluded that it may have sounded racist because of his black skin. One of the aggravating factors in deciding his sentence was probably false accusation. Beardsley claimed that the three players invented financial reasons for there was no evidence at all. Find out the latest news on Soccer 10.


Peter Beardsley

Andrew Beardsley was born on 18th of January 1961 in Hexham. With his wife Sandra has a son Drew and a daughter Stacey. Peter is an English player who played between 1979 and 1999. During his playing career, he set a record when he played for his country 59 times between 1986 – 1996. He has played at the Melbourne Knights, Hartlepool, Fulham, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle United.

Before joining Newcastle United he played for the Wallsend Boys Club. He began his professional career at Carlisle United. He scored 22 goals in 104 games and played in Canada at Vancouver Whitecaps from 1982 to 1983. At the end of 1983, he signed again for Newcastle United. Peter started working as a coach for Newcastle after he stopped playing football. Beardsley may not be the part of champions league results for some time.