Perisic and Lewandowski for their first win after Kovac

In the last couple of days, there were a lot of talks about Bayern. About the way how they play with Kovac on the coaching position. After Kovac leaves the club, Bayern has their first win in the Champions League. Perisic and Lewandowski were players who score a goal in this game.

Bayern celebrated 2-0 against Olympiakos in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage. In the 69th minute, Robert Lewandowski scores their first goal. In the 89th minute of the match, we can see another goal. This time Ivan Perisic scored a goal for Bayern.

This game was Bayern’s first game since the replacement of Niko Kovac. Still, they didn’t announce who will be their new head coach, but right now on this position, we can see Hans Flick. He was Kovac’s alternate who was promoted to the position of the first coach.

In this game, we can see a lot of problems for the Bavarians. They have a lot of struggle with the Olympiakos, so many missed chances before the first goal. It wasn’t hard to make Soccer10 predictions that this game would be interesting. But no one can’t predict that Bayern will have that many problems.


The tireless Perisic

Bayern scored their second goal in the 89th minute, this goal was scored by Ivan Perisic. Bayern took a ball from Greek players in their half. After that with a lot of players ran into the left-wing.

On the right side, Perisic followed this situation, after a sprint of fifty yards he took a ball and calmly nailed it into the goal.

If we look a little bit on the group, Bayern is in the first place with 12 points. But they have one match more played than Zvezda, Tottenham. In the last place in the group, we can see Olympiakos.

It will be interesting to watch Bayern in future games, specifically when they got a new coach. Finally, we will found out who was the problem in the club, Niko or players. Or maybe someone else. Winning is not a simple thing, it is not like winning form online guide. You can know how to play, but sometimes you need to have a little bit of luck.