Paris Saint-Germain earning millions after Round of 16

Paris Saint-Germain is rapidly advancing to the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. Not only that, but they are also about to make a significant amount of money because of their results from the group stage of the tournament.

PSG had five wins and one draw in six matches, which is going to bring them €39.15 million. They will fill their pockets pretty well after qualification for the Champions League and reaching the Round of 16.

If we bring down their earnings to segments, we will get the following; €15.25 million for participation in the tournament, €13.5 million for five wins against Real Madrid, Galatasaray S.K. and Club Brugge. Then, there are €900,000 thousand for the draw against Real Madrid and €9.5 million for qualifying for the Round 16.

Paris Saint-Germain could earn even more if they reach finals

If Paris Saint-Germain can put together a deep run in the knockout stages of the Champions League, they will earn much more cash. Advancing through the Round of 16 into the quarter-finals is itself worth €10.5 million. For appearance in the semi-final, they could get €12 million and reaching the final means €15 million more. The club who pulls off the final victory gets another $4 million.


That is a significant amount of money that PSG could grab this season. Even by their financial standards, this would come as a good advantage. The figures above are just the ones that are set by UEFA so PSG will probably earn much more through the sponsors.

In every contract, there are bonuses. If they manage to dive deep into the tournament, it can trigger more cash from their sponsors and significantly improve their financial status. For the sponsors, that would mean an additional exposure in one of the most-watched championships of all times. For example, a company like Accor Live Limitless would get a huge promotion and of course, they wouldn’t save a penny expressing their gratitude.

More cash could help PSG get new players next summer and attract the quality ones. They wouldn’t have to save when the transfer window opens up. Follow the next PSG game with the help of soccer 10 predictions. For punters, betway will come in handy with their mobile app.