Paris Saint-Germain could face an early exit from UEFA

Paris Saint-Germain could find themselves on a path of an early exit from Champions League – again. It would also come with the cost of departure of their stars like Kylian Mbappe and Neymar. The Champions League Round of 16 in recent times was nothing but torture for the PSG.

Even though Paris Saint-Germain was seen as one of Europe’s strongest, they failed to clear the first obstacle in each of the past three years. The occurrence on Tuesday was a major motivation for their exit from the UEFA in the same stage for the four executive seasons. Browse soccer 10 archive to discover the club’s history.

Paris Saint-Germain had a fallout with Neymar

PSG suffered a 2-1 first-leg defeat from Borussia Dortmund. The result was far from a disaster for the Tomas Tuchel’s side. He grabbed a goal away to give them the real foothold in the tie. After the match at the Wesrtfalenstadion, PSG team was in a really bad mood.

Neymar was stressing about the way his manager and the club dealt with a recent injury. “It is hard not to play for four games and unfortunately it wasn’t my choice. It came from the club and the doctors. They are the ones who made this decision. I didn’t like it.” – Neymar stated. For the build-up to the Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund, they set him aside.


“I understand that the club was worried. In the last two years, I was not able to play in the round of 16. I respect this decision but I don’t like it. In the end, I was suffering and it was very difficult to play a match like this. It was intense 90 minutes without stopping. I would play much better if I was in better shape.”

Before this occurrence, there was also the confrontation between Kylian Mbappe and Tuchel. The World Cup winner couldn’t make up with the fact he was hooked from play 20 minutes before the end. When they were busy with the 5-0 lead over Montpellier, the player was stuck on the bench. The manager is focused only on the soccer itself so it is hard to calm down the situation in this matter. Get ready for their next match with Betway!