Paris Saint-Germain; 4 players under big pressure

Every club has one goal – to win UEFA Champions League title, so does Paris Saint-Germain. The lack of title run they had in recent years started to define the club and also several players who need to prove themselves now more than ever. Throughout the four games of the group stage, PSG is yet to allow a goal and they won every single game (Let’s not forget about the 3-0 victory over Real Madrid).

One more win next Tuesday over Los Blancos and they will see the top spot in Group A. It will set them up for a favourable draw in the knockout phase of the tournament. Once the round of 16 begins, there is no easy game. We’ve already seen this team losing from inferior opponents and throwing away big leads.

It is a surprise to see PSG dominate in the group stage, especially in defence. With injured key players, Thomas Tuchel had to be really creative while filling the holes. This season for the first time we are looking at PSG grinding the results and they are doing immaculate work. However, few of the players are yet to prove themselves on Europe’s grandest stage. Find out more on Soccer 10 today;

Paris Saint-Germain has two players back from injury recovery

Neymar Jr. is probably first among the players who are under biggest pressure to pull off an amazing performance. The Brazillian is returning this week for training and it is expected that he will play on Friday in a match against Lille OSC. He will test his hamstring for the first time after an injury against League 1 competition. His image has taken quite a hit because of his injuries which made him unfit to participate in most important games of Champions League. This time, he must stay in one piece as Real Madrid game is up next Tuesday.


20-year-old Kylian Mbappé already has a FIFA World Cup under his belt and appearance in the semi-finals of Champions League. The loss to Red Devils last season took a hit on his pristine reputation but this year he might bring back the shine. Mbappé could easily win World Cup, Champions League, Olympic gold, League 1 and UEFA Euro 2020 with several international tournaments next summer. Not even Lionel Messi could match this impressive run.

Angel Di Maria and Thiago Silva are both still in the line to prove themselves. Di Maria was out due to injury while Silva’s contract is getting closer to an end. He expressed his wish to stay with Paris Saint-Germain so the pressure on him must be tremendous. What do you think? Is Paris Saint-Germain fit enough to win Real? Let us know what you think.