Only Rakitic missed training

Ivan Rakitic was the only player who misses Barcelona’s training just before the trip to Vitoria. In Vitoria, Barcelona will play against Eibar. This match will be played on Saturday as a part of the ninth round of La Liga.

Only Rakitic missed training allowed the Croatian player to miss team training. Also, they are some news that on that morning Rakitic was training alone. At first, the official reason was unknown. But to everyone, this was mysterious because Barcelona didn’t say anything about this.

Some speculate that this has something with negotiating with Manchester United, which has been talked lately. But for this transfer, we will need to wait until January, when the market opens in Spain. Also, some say that the main reason for this is because Rakitic was shooting a commercial in Madrid. For sure all this situation is strange. But Soccer10 will give you all the information about this.

It is revealed why Rakitic missed Barcelona training

Ivan Rakitic missed Barcelona’s afternoon training session, where the Catalans were preparing for a league game with Eibar on Thursday. In the morning he was training alone, only a few hours later he was allowed to leave training. His departure can be justified through all that Barcelona has experienced this week over the clutter in the city.


There was a lot of speculation about this situation. Some of them were that he is not on practice because of transfer negotiations with Manchester United. But all this information was denied.

The only reason why he wasn’t on practice was that he was shooting the commercial in Madrid. Also, his trip was longer than usual because of the protest in Catalonia, the club brings the decision to release him from training.

Valverde released Rakitic, but with one condition. He needs to do his morning training. Rakitic was already having minor problems arriving in Barcelona after he needs to walk from the El Prat airport. There was the clutter in Barcelona that made it impossible to move cars. Who knows, maybe he will play in some future game. We can only follow Supabets codes and fixtures and wait for some future games to see.