Olde Riekerink – Coaches are not magicians

On Saturday Cape Town City FC played against Highlands Park, but in this game, we can’t see the winner. Cape Town City still has a lot of problems to win in some games. After the game coach, Olde Riekerink spoke about the game and the situation in the club.

He believes that there is much he can do in the club. Players have a lot of potentials. But anyone can do anything over the night. Coaches are not the magicians, you can’t find any coach in the world who will come in the locker room with a hat and that he pulled the rabbit out of it.

In the Saturday night game coach, Olde Riekerink had a debut with the PSL results and log for the Cape Town City FC.

City need to work a lot to improve said Olde

We already mention that the coaches are not the magicians. This was the second game where Cape Town City play without a winner. They have the same result in the game with Bloemfontein Celtic, which was played on Wednesday.


But if we look, this is not that bad. At last, they manage to save the clean sheets in two games. This is pretty much great because in the last 11 games opponents scored 20 goals.

Olde manages to see what he needs to improve with a team. He is confident, he got a feeling that he can do something with his team. Right now City has 13 points from 13 games.

They can’t be satisfied with this result. Right now they are just above the relegation zone. Just from the beginning, Olde instilled in the strict regime with two training sessions. Also, he brings a lot of rules that the team needs to follow.

He believes a lot in individual quality, but they need to play together. Firstly the basic, later they can work on anything. When they know the basics, they can put their concentration on creativity.

In most cases, the changes are good for the team. Everyone was afraid that they will have a problem with adaptation, but they end the game surprisingly stronger than the Highlands.

Coach Olde Riekerink is not in the team for a long time, but he already loves to be in the team. He loves the atmosphere around the team. Let’s hope that this will stay like this.