New UEFA rules confirmed – What will change?

2019 UEFA Champions

Have you heard of the new UEFA rules? The UEFA Europa League will undergo several changes. UEFA has sent a circular to the Member States. They presented the calendar, format. Also structure of the competition from 2021 to 2024. The decision was made after the confirmation by the Executive Board.

The first change concerns the Europa League competition. Instead of 48, 32 clubs will compete. The format will be the same as with the UEFA Champions League. Eight teams will compete in groups. With the eighth-finals, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals. Another round of the playoffs will be before the eighth-finals.

Europa League players

This is where the second-ranked teams will play against the third-ranked teams from the Champions League groups. The winners of the extra round will continue to play matches in the eighth Europa League final. The Europa League winners will automatically qualify for the group stage of the Champion League.

Finally a new rule for the last UEFA League Cup will ensure four national champions compete against four other champions. This will ensure a minimum of four champions via a playoff. In the end the format of the European Conference League will follow the format of the UEFA League, also Champion League. This means that the group stage will consist of 32 teams. Each of four teams will be divide into eight groups. The group stage of the competition will follow by relegation. This will include the quarter-finals, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals.


New UEFA rules

Prior to the eighth-finals, an additional relegation round will be played. The second-placed teams from the European Conference League will play against the third-placed teams from the Europa League. The winners of the European Conference League will immediately qualify for the group stage of the league. In the group stage of one or more competitions, 34 national federations will be represented.

UEFA Champion League Stadiums

More champions in the group stage of the competition…

There will be 14 national champions competing in the Group A Champions League. Between 9 and 12 champions in the group stage of the European Conference League. Between 8 and 11 Europa League group stage champions. The new competition calendar will be available on Soccer 10. The 2021-2024 calendar will be based on the UEFA competition calendar. However the final decision of the dates will be announced in time. It’s important to know all in time. On Soccer 10 you can track all important UEFA news.

New match play term!

There will be two dates for matches. It will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. The matches will be at 18:45 CET and 21:00 CET. Tuesday and Wednesday will be for the Champions League. European Conference League, The Europa League matches will be play on Thursday. Matches are going to be split into two dates. An additional round of playing will be available at 16:30 CET for the European Conference League, European League matches. These matches will be in CET + 2 time zones.