Names of the first infected in the Premier League

English football clubs started contactless training sessions. Premier League should start again on June 12. However, the problem is the fact that testing of players and staff members for coronavirus in the past two days has brought six positive results.

All six positive tests came from three clubs, but no one didn’t announce who are infected players. Burnley later announced that one of the infected was their assistant coach Ian Woan. Six infected people go into self-isolation for seven days. Until now they make 748 tests in the Premier League, and the good news is that 742 of them were negative. If we look at the Soccer10 results, this is good news.

New information about the six infected in the Premier League

In the Premier League tests have been performed on the coronavirus between players and staff members of all 20 clubs in the league. So far six tests have been positive. According to the first information, infected are coming from three clubs. Last night, Burnley announced that one of the infected was their assistant coach Ian Woan.

Then came the information that three positive tests had arrived from Watford, involving one player and two staff members. But still, we don’t have names. Still, we don’t know who are other two players and from which clubs they are coming.


British media reported that they make a test on 748 players, but according to them, tests are made only in 19 clubs. Still, they need to make tests in Norwich. Every club can test 40 people, but some clubs didn’t use the full capacity of the tests.

English clubs start to train in small groups of five people with the rules of social distancing. Training for each player lasted a maximum of 75 minutes. After each training session, corner flags, balls, cones, goalposts, and even the field are disinfected.

They will need to do tests twice a week, and before each training session players and coaches will have to fill out a questionnaire and measure their temperature. The general plan of the Premier League is that the championship will start on June 12, and the remaining 92 matches will be played after that day. But those positive tests can result with a new postponement.