Mpho Makola banned for six months

We all remember a situation when Mpho Makola pushes a judge in the game against Kaizer Chiefs last month. Now, Cape Town City midfielder Mpho Makola got a six-month ban for this situation.

Premier Soccer League announced this sanction, but the disciplinary committee brings this decision. Which was expected. Everyone knows that he will be punished in some way. But will this have some effect on PSL results now?

Who knows, but it’ should not have to much affect. Premier Soccer League announced this information on their Twitter account. On this tweet, they announced that the Disciplinary Committee brings a decision, he will be beaned for six months. Makola was found guilty of assaulting the judge on the match against Kaizer Chiefs. This game was played at Cape Town Stadium on 19 October 2019.

In the regular time, this game was ended 1-1, at the end of the game, we can see penalties. The final score was 4-2 for Kaizer Chiefs. With all this punishment, Makola needs to pay the costs of the DC hearing. Maybe he could get a lower punishment but he can’t act like that. Because he represents the club, but with the club, he represents the sport. Each player needs to know how to act.


Cape Town City will appeal on Mpho Makola ban

Mpho Makola can be happy because this is the minimum sentence for an assault. He was guilty because he attacks the judge on a match with Kaizer Chiefs. Cape Town City officially confirmed that they will appeal this decision. Honestly, I think that this will not have to much chance to change this decision, because each player needs to know how to behave in Betway sport.

In this way, everyone can shove someone, or just shove the judge if you don’t like some decision. In sport, we can see many wrong decisions, but still, this is a sport. One time you will get some wrong decision, while some other someone else will get one.

If we ask the club, Makola is being used as a scapegoat. Because according to them, South African football has a big problem with the standard of the refereeing. The club thinks that this decision is ridiculous. Specifically, because he apologizes about this event right after the game.

For the club, fair punishment should be a ban on four games, instead of six months. In the end, maybe this decision is unfair, but still, everyone needs to know how to act in some situations. How would football or some other sport look if everyone will act as they want?