Modric is not going anywhere

There was much news in recent days that Real Madrid wants to get rid of Luka Modric in the summer. He has contract until the June of 2021. But now Spanish Marca said different, Modric will stay in Real Madrid.

In March, Modric spoke about his situation in Real Madrid. Then he said that he will stay in Real until the end of his contract. This means that he will be a member of Real Madrid until the start of the Euro 2020, which is postponed to the next summer.

What will happen with Modric after the season starts

Firstly, everyone in Real Madrid is very happy with him. Even if he will turn 35 this September, he has a great attitude that everyone in club love. Basically, they can’t believe that he didn’t make any problem in the games when he was on the bench from the beginning of the match. But that is not important for him, even like this, he is the ninth player in the season if we sort by minutes in the game.

This summer, young Martin Odegaard from Sociedad will return in Real. But even the return of this young and talented Norwegian will not significantly affect the status of Luka Modric. After this break, clubs will have to play many games in a short time. Zidane will need to play smart, and all players will need to play. In those moments help from the best player in the world from 2018 will be very important.


Everyone in Real Madrid appreciates Luka’s character and loyalty to the club. They call him the quiet locker rook leader. After Sergio Ramos, everyone is listening to what Luka has to say. In many situations, Luka was that person who calms down the situation if there was some problem in the locker room.

For Luka Modric, this will be the ninth season in Real Madrid. If we look in the Soccer10 archive he will enter Real Madrid’s history as one of the most important and the most trophy player in their history of the one of the most trophy club in the world.