McCarthy admits he is in fear for his job

Cape Town City coach Benni McCarthy thinks that every player in his team should look at themselves in the mirror. In this season the Citizens have the worst run in the Absa Premiership, since 2017 when McCarthy comes on this position.

Right now we can see them on the 13th position on the PSL log table with only eight points. As he said, everything that goes wrong with a team, the coach is the first person to be blamed.

First players need to look at themselves in the mirror. They have too many players in the team who are happy to play, but they just wait for a salary. But only a couple of them are playing for the club, they are not on 100%.

For everyone, the coach is the first person who takes the blame. But sometimes the coach can’t do anything. Coach is not the one who is playing the game. Of course, McCarthy is worried about his job, that is obviously.


Until now, he has never been in a position like this. Every new game, he becomes more frustrated. So many times they lose a winning game. Great start, but then they lose control of the game.

New problems for McCarthy

Cape Town City confirmed that one of their key players is injured. He will be out of the field for four weeks. Their number one goalkeeper Peter Leeuwenburgh will miss games against Polokwane City, Black Leopards before the FIFA break.

Peter Leeuwenburgh will be out of the game for 4 weeks. He got an injury in the last game against Maritzburg United. Luckily for the club, the injury is not that bad as they think at first.

We all know that at this moment he is their top goalkeeper. McCarthy is disappointed because he will not have him in the team for some time. Specifically now, when they are in such problems.

He doesn’t have a player who will take all this responsibility. Sage Stephens is not that strong. This will be his first appearance for the City in this season. With all these problems, it’s hard to win. But maybe winning from online guide will help them. If they want to make some result they will need to start winning.