Matthijs De Ligt continues a series of catastrophic errors

Matthijs De Ligt is a footballer worth at least € 165,5 million, but since he becomes one of the most expensive players in the world he is making a lot of catastrophic mistakes in games.

The last mistake came in the game with his national team in qualification for Euro 2020. But this isn’t the first one, also he makes some terrible mistakes in Juventus. Some of them were in Serie A while some of them were in the Champions League.

Matthijs De Ligt overpaid?

Juventus will pay € 165,5 million for a young stopper after beating Barcelona in a bid. Ajax will get 85,5 million euros for him, while a five-year contract signed by De Ligt with Juventus guarantees the player at least 16 million euros a year. With bonuses, his year payment can go to €24 million.

However, young stopper struggles to show that he is overpaid. In a short time, he did some heavy mistakes. No one can’t connect these mistakes with a player who is considered the best young defender in the world.


He hid four goals that Juventus received from their biggest rivals

In the first seven rounds of Serie A, he makes some big mistakes against the two biggest Juventus rivals. In the second round against Napoli, he was guilty of all three opponents’ goals. Luckily, Juventus menage to win in this game.

Then, in the game against Inter, he played with hand. With this mistake, Inter got a penalty which canceled Juventus’ lead. Again, he has a lot of luck, because they won this game.

Only four days later. De Ligt again made one big mistake in an important match. His national team was playing an important match. They were dominated in this game, but instead of a convincing victory, in 75 minutes they were losing all thanks to the De Ligt.

In this situation, instead of blocking or taking a harmless shot from the left. This ball passes over his leg which gave a great opportunity to the opponent. De Ligt was late in the block, then in the jump, he went into the blank. When he saw that the opponent player will shot, he tries to stop a ball with his hand. After this situation, the opponent player scored a goal. Luckily Dutch national team won in this game.

In the future, we will follow this situation. Because is not usually that one great player makes so many mistakes in a short time. Soccer10 will follow this situation.