Manchester City came back after defeat in Premier League

Manchester City was defeated in the last Premier League match. Some of the fans think that they could have problems in the Champions Leauge because of that. They played against Shakhtar Donetsk. At the end of the game, they were with three points in their hands.

English champions were preeminent in Ukraine against their opponent. Riyad opened the scoring in the first half. After the first goal, two more comes. The final score was 3-0 for Manchester. This win wasn’t enough for them to side on the top of the group. Croatian club Dinamo Zagreb prevents Guardiola’s players to be in the better position on the table.

If we look at Champions League fixtures, the next match is between these two teams. Who will be the winner of a group stage? It’s too early to say but for sure we will have a chance to enjoy great games.

Manchester City proves a perfect match

In Premier League they are five points behind the first Liverpool. But they have a great start in the Champions League. This is the only trophy they didn’t win until now. In group C they are favorites. A little bit of apprehensive defending in the beginning result with a greater level of fluency and attacking.


Regardless, City dominates over a side who are their regular Champions opponents. In the five matches, City won in the four of them. The only defeat was in the group stage in season 2017/18. Right now they have a problem with injured players. Two of them are out for some time.

Shakhtar’s best opportunities came from Junior Moraes. He has three chances but he didn’t manage to score. They try to make some changes in the team, but this didn’t affect the score. The city is maybe lack depth in some defensive areas, but they have a choice in other fields.

If we look a little bit in the statistic, in the five matches against Shakhtar, City scores 15 goals. This is the biggest number of goals. In four of five matches, Manchester City stayed with a clean net. If we look in the last 17 UEFA Champions League matches, in every that game they got a goal.

Every team played only one game in the first round. Everything can change in the future. But still, it looks like some teams are better than the other ones. We will see on Soccer10 all future results.