Luka Modric injured?

Croatia played in the Cardiff against Wales in the penultimate round of Euro qualifications 1-1. With a win in this game, they can secure playing on Euro, but they missed the chance. Also in this game, the captain of Croatia Luka Modric has injured at the end of the match.

He was stopping a dangerous attack by the home side but he made a foul. In this situation, he got a yellow card but also get injured. With a painful grimace he collapsed on the field, teammates immediately showed the bench to prepare a replacement. Modric didn’t get better after a few minutes, so he left the field with the help of a medical team.

This situation can help you a lot with Soccer10 predictions. Because this can be the reason why Real could play some bad football. If Modric couldn’t play in the next club match.

The big problem for Real if Luka Modric will not play in El Clasico

A big problem for Croatia but also Real Madrid happened in the 87th minute of the match. The captain of the Croatian national team received a very unpleasant blow to the thigh muscle of his right leg and remained motionless on the ground. He couldn’t get up without the help of a doctor, then they came to carry him.


However, Luka somehow got up, with the help of two doctors, limped off the field. After this situation, Milan Badelj came in as a replacement. This situation went of all alarms in Real where they once again became convinced that the matches of the national teams could be a big problem.

The Cardiff match ended with the injury of Wales and Croatia’s biggest stars, who are also the key players of Real Madrid. At first, this injury seemed far worse, but later we found out that it is not that bad. Also, after the last game with a national team, Modric comes back in Real with the injury. But then he was on the pause for 16 days. Now two weeks before El Clasico they can’t afford to lose one of the key players.

Luckily for Real, after the game coach Dalic said that Luka Modric will not pause for long. Maybe two or three days. If you are interested in Betway South Africa, then this information is very important for you. In some future games, situations like this can change a lot the final score.