Liverpool F.C. is a professional football club from England. As a matter of fact, you can see this club as one of the best clubs in the Premier League.

Not to mention that this club won six European Cups. Any other club didn’t win so many titles. And they won 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups.

As a matter of fact, they win 18 League titles, 7 FA Cups, 8 League Cups and more.

However, this club is founded in 1892 and right away they joined to Football League. Since the beginning, they play on Anfield.


Generally from that time they became one of the best teams in England. Not to mention that their last crown was from 2019 when they become European champions.

For instance, The Reds are one of the most valuable football clubs in the world. And one of the clubs that have most of the earnings.

The Reds has a couple of big rivals, and the biggest are Manchester United and Everton.

Unfortunately, their fans pass through two big tragedies. In 1985 in the final game of the European Cup when fans that were escaping were pressed against the collapsing wall. In this case, 39 people die.

And the second one was in 1989. In this situation 96 The Reds fans died when they were pressed against the fence.

However, since 1896 they use their main color red, and from that is their nickname The Reds. And their anthem is “You’ll never walk alone”.

Liverpool FC history


In reality, The Reds were founded after a dispute between Everton and John Houlding. He was the president of the club and the owner of Anfield.

However, in 1892 Houlding founded this big club. In the beginning, this club’s name was Everton F.C. and Athletic Grounds Ltd. But in March 1892 they got the name that they have today.

Basically, from the start of this club, they show that they will become one of the best teams in England football history.

After all, the first FA Cup final game they played in 1914, but in this case, they lose that game.

As a matter of fact, after the 1953/54 season, the club is starting to change. After a couple of bad years, they decide to change the club from the bottom.

It needed some time that these changes rode the fruit, but from 1962 they started to win titles. Not to mention that from 1962 to 1979 they win around 20 trophies.

As a matter of fact, the only trophy that they did not win was the FA Cup trophy.

However, in 1983 they became the first team to win three trophies in one season.

And if we look in the last season, for sure this is one of the best ones. In fact, Jurgen Klopp took his club to the two finals in his first season. Basically, they were played in the Football League Cup and UEFA European League finals.

Not to mention that they are second in the Premier League and they win the 2019 UEFA Champions League.

Disasters in the history

In The Reds’ history, we can find two big disasters. However in the European Cup final game in 1985 one terrible thing is happening.

In this case, the weight of fans crush the wall and in this situation, this collapse kills 39 fans. Most of them were from Italy. After that this disaster got the name Heysel stadium disaster.

Not to mention that the result of this disaster was that English clubs can’t play in European competition for five years. And The Reds got a ten-year ban, but later this ban was reduced on six years.

Only after four years, one more big tragedy happened. In the final game of the FA Cup, a hundred fans were crushed against the french. As a matter of fact, in this situation, 96 fans lost their lives.

For that reason, the government took an investigation about stadium safety and they conclude that the main reason for the disaster was overcrowding and that police made a failure.

Liverpool Echo

The Echo is the newspaper which is published by Trinity Mirror North West and North Wales.

As a matter of fact, the newspaper comes out on Monday and Sunday and we can say that this is a daily newspaper.

However, the editor of this newspaper is Alastair Machray who before editing the Welsh edition of Daily Post.

After the disaster in 1989, they publish the first special Sunday edition of the Eco. As a matter of fact, here they explain what was happen. And a huge number of copies was sold out.

In 2014 is announced that from this time we will have regular Sunday edition of the newspaper. And from that time we can read this newspaper two times a week.

Club colors

Almost in all their history, their main color was red. But only at the beginning, they have the same colors as Everton.

As a matter of fact, white and blue shirts were used until 1894. After that, they use their red color.

Not to mention that since 1901 they use a liver bird on their club badge.

But in time when they play in guests, they have a different kit. In fact, through the time they use different colors. As a matter of fact, some of the colors were green and white combination, yellow and white combination.

Not to mention that you can see a huge number of color combinations in these kits.

Equally important is to say that they are the first English professional club that his sponsor’s logo on their shirts.


In short, Anfield was built in 1884. As a matter of fact, he is only 2 miles from the city center.

In the beginning, this was the stadium where Everton play their matches.

But after Everton moved from this stadium Houlding founded The Reds and since then they play on this stadium.

At this time the stadium has the capacity of the 20 000 fans and today is around 54 thousand fans.

As can be seen, the stadium was build in 1884 and since then they got some changes.

Not to mention that in history they needed to make some changes. Same as they need to increase the capacity of the ground.

As a matter of fact, the last change was happening in 2012 when they increase the capacity for fans and today this is one of the most impressive stadiums.


As a matter of fact, if we look a little bit in Liverpool news we will see that they have one of the best fans in the world.

Generally, they have more than 200 registered fan Clubs in the world.

As a matter of fact, they use all this support in their summer tour when they play in different places.

However, the main song of the fans and the anthem of the club is “You’ll never walk alone”

Not to mention that their fans were in the two terrible situations in their history. Which was ended badly for some fans? In fact, some of them died in these disasters.

Right after this disaster, they want to accuse the fans that they were acting badly in this situation. But later the truth comes out, and everyone sees that they are not guilty.

Liverpool transfer news

In case we look at transfer news we can see a lot of different news. Basically from some speculation to the transfers that happen.

Generally, The Reds has one of the best teams in the world for sure. But always can be better. And for that reason, we will see some great transfers. In the first place was one of the speculations that Shaqiri will leave the club. But really soon he denies this.

And if we look more for the big names in the football world then for sure is good to mention Dejan Lovren. There is some speculation that he would leave the club but still, we need to wait for this information.

Not to mention that they want to bring Dembele in their team, but in the end, they decided that they will quit on this decision. As a matter of fact, they were some news that Bale could start to play for the Reds.

But this news was denied. And the last two players which are confirmed that they will play for The Reds in the next season was Harvey Elliott and Sepp van den Berg.

In any case, the transfer season is not over and I would not bet that this is the last transfers in this club.

For sure we will see more transfers and all the information you can track on Soccer 10.


However, if we look at the Liverpool fixtures now then for sure it is good to know that in the new season they will for sure looking for a better position in the Premier League.

Not to mention that they have a tricky schedule in October. Only a month later they will play a derby against Manchester City.

In the other case in the last three games of the season, they will play against Arsenal and Chelsea. And for sure this will be hard games.

As a matter of fact, here you can find even more matches, specifically if we know that they play even other leagues.

All-time stats

Not to mention that every club, every sport has some records. From the beginning of the football era, we have some teams and players that are better than others.

As can be seen, in this club some players are better than others. In case we decide to look at the Liverpool FC news now history we can see who is the player who scored most of the goals in the history of the club.

Accordingly, Ian Rush is the player who scored the most goals. This player has his last appearance in 1996. But til now no one made to pass this record.

However, in club history, he scored 346 goals. And if we know that in the second place is Roger Hunt with 285 goals. For sure we can know how good this player was.

Not to mention that he scored all these goals in 660 matches. In fact, this is the number of games that he plays for this team.

And in case we want to see what is the situation with penalties, well we can. As a matter of fact, in this case, most penalties scored Steven Gerard.

Not to mention that he scored 47 penalties in his career. And we can say that this career was long because he started to play for The Reds in season 1998/99 and his last appearance was in 2015.

Last season stats

As a matter of fact, in the situation when we know that they win in the last season. It will bee good to take a look at the stats from the last season.

In this case, we will see who score the most goals in the Premier League and Champions League. And in this case, this is Mohamed Salah. However, he scored 27 goals in the last season.

Not to mention that he is the player with the most appearance in the last season. All in all, in the last season he played in 52 matches.

But right behind him is Sadio Mane with only a goal less. Which means that he scored 26 goals in the last season.

However, if we look at information who has the most assists in the last season. Then this is for sure Trent Alexander-Arnold. In fact, he has 17 assists in the last season.

Indeed, there are big expectations form the red team in the next season. And for sure it will be fun to watch them.

Maybe in this transfer period, they didn’t make some big transfers. But for sure every single transfer will be a good one. And you know how they say when you have the winning team don’t change it.

In any case, we can only wait to see if the situation will be the same with The Reds or maybe they will become even better then the last season.