Liverpool fans missing UEFA after travelling to – GHENT?!

Two Liverpool fans found themselves in a tricky situation after they realized they travelled to a completely different location – just minutes before the match. They missed their side’s Champions League win over Belgian side on Wednesday. Rob, from London and Lee, from Leicester, mistakenly found themselves 95 miles from where the match was played. Each of them spent £200 on train and match tickets only to end up watching the entire match on tv.

“When we arrived, we haven’t seen any Liverpool fans so that kind of aroused out suspicions. Then, we decided to sit down and have dinner about an hour before the kick-off. We said to one of the waiters, who was a Gent supporter ‘we are playing you guys tonight’ and he went to say ‘no you’re not’. That is the moment we realized the error of our ways.”

“Both of us had a few beers so driving was not an option. Even if we jumped in a cab, it was 150 kilometres away so that pretty much sealed our fate.” At least they were able to take some consolation with their side winning 4-1, thanks to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scoring twice.

We watched the game in an Irish bar with a bunch of lovely people. In the end, we still enjoyed watching it on TV.” – Rob added. After hearing of their plight, local side KAA Gent (which is spelled without h) invited the pair to their Europa League tie which will be played with Wolfsburg on Thursday night. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it to the game as they had to be back in England on Thursday morning. Soccer 10 is here with the details.


Liverpool fans still positive about their experience

However, they accepted an offer to be VIP guests at a Gent match in January – played against Genk. “I doubt that we will get the keys to the city but we will maybe return as celebrities. After paying all that money just to watch the game on TV, it still didn’t ruin our experience. We will come and watch them again. However, we will get someone else to do the travel plans next time.” – Rob said.

Despite their shocking story, they are not the only one who ended up in this kind of a mess. In 2015, a group of Belgium supporters went to watch the country’s Euro 2016 qualifying match against Wales in Cardiff. After they typed in ‘Wales’, the navigation took them to a village close to Rotterdam called Wales. They found themselves 200 miles away from the Welsh capital.

Not to mention the recent incident when former world snooker champion Neil Robertson had to forfeit his World Open qualifier. He drove to the Gloucestershire village of Barnsley, which is located 170 miles away from the Yorkshire town where his match had been due to take place. Don’t let yourself be misled and prepare yourself before the next game with supabets codes and fixtures.