Leicester City team members encountered disagreements

Riyad Mahrez admitted that he didn’t give the best of himself in Leicester City’s Champions League run. He is not fit for the demand for competing in Europe and the Premier League. He was heavily criticised by City fans after claiming that club lost two years of his career by denying him the transfer in 2016. In the first of two ‘lost’ years, Mahrez played in Champions League.

“I had a great Champions League campaign until the quarter-finals. I was not brilliant but we should be real, we didn’t have the team to win. It was not the same team as it was since N’Golo Kante left to Chelsea. We were playing every three days and we were just not prepared for it.” – Mahrez said.

Just like England, Leicester City had training ground bust-ups. However, they were laughed off, as the left-back Ben Chilwell claims. Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez started off on wrong foot. They confronted each other before Manager Gareth Southgate decided to tule out the Manchester City star out of the contention for Thursday’s Euro 2020 qualifier.

Leicester City’s players – some happy, some not

The overly-emotional situation was running high the following Liverpool’s win over Manchester City over the weekend. Chilwell said that the club’s passions for winning the title spilt over. He admitted that accidents of similar nature tend to happen between colleagues too. “You do have training on the pitch at Leicester and there is a lot of manly characters. Things can go wrong but usually, you come off the pitch and laugh about it.” – Chilwell added.


Leicester boss, Brendan Rodgers firmly believes that his decision to leave Celtic was justified. Rodgers believes that people can now understand what was a controversial decision eight months ago. “I said many times that it was incredibly difficult. It was a tough call not just from a professional perspective but personal as well. My relationship with everyone in the club was great from the boardroom to the dressing room. Perhaps now people will understand better why I made the choice to go.” – Rodgers said.

Striker Jamie Vardy is still quiet about a possible return to England despite being questioned by his club team-mates. He is now in the best form of his career, scored 11 goals in 12 games for City during this season. There was an initial deal between him and the manager, Gareth Southgate, that City talisman would be available in desperate circumstances. At this point, Vardy still seems to keep distance, doing his own thing. Anyone interested in next fixture can find info on supabets registration right here.