Leaked the details of the fight between Mane and Salah

For the last 30 years, Liverpool fans have been asking the same question, this season it’s more current than ever. Is this finally the season for the Reds. The season where Liverpool will win the long-awaited Champions League title? But now they have more problems, allegedly two their players fight.

After eight games Liverpool has an eight-point advantage over the other Manchester City. Many fans believe that after the European crown, Jürgen Klopp will bring home English title, as well.

The top two strikers had a fight

But with some past experience, especially last year’s, everyone at Anfield is extremely cautious about guessing the club’s future Soccer 10 fixture on the Premier League. The reason for the maximum restraint is also given by the devastating information that stirred the passions on the Island. Namely, two strikers from the murderous Liverpool triplet are “intentionally” not cooperating because each of them wants to get Golden Boot at all costs.

There are statistics on Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. Salah and Mane have not shared any assists since the start of the season. Which is impressive data. This clearly indicates that something is going on in the locker room.


They are in the fight since August

The reason more for this kind of analysis is the detail from the convincing 3-0 victory over Burnley. It was back in August. Mane was furious with Salah for not passing the ball to him in a mat situation for the opposing goalkeeper.

True, Liverpool has maintained a 100% effect in the Premier League to this day. The critical public has now launched a story that the Reds could fall victim to the selfish ambitions of two competitors by the end of the season. Because both of them want to win one of the most prestigious individual accolades.

Mane stated that Salah is his good friend

He showed frustration at that match solely because of his desire to end the game with as much victory as possible. The statistics, however, say the following. Salah didn’t even create a single chance for a Senegalese.

This season, they have shared just 26 passes. Comparatively, they played 2996 minutes last season, while they combined for 217 touchdowns, with four assists and 37 chances.

But the most important thing for Liverpool is that they are in the run for the title. All this can help you with Supabets fixture and betting codes. They are waiting for the title last 30 years. For that reason, they need to have both of them on a great level.