La Liga League

La Liga League or the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera Division is the best football league in Spain.

As a matter of fact, they are under the National Professional Football League. However, here you can find 20 teams. The last three teams at the end of the season go in the Segunda Division and the three top team in that league comes in the first league.

Since the beginning, the 62 teams have competed in La Liga. Above all only nine teams take the crown. And the best team for sure is Real Madrid who wins the crown for 33 times.

Behind them is Barcelona with 26 times. But the Barcelona win the first Spanish La Liga.


Not to mention that in the 1950s Barcelona and Real Madrid dominated with this league.

But since the 1990s Barcelona is one who dominates in this championship. As a matter of fact, from that time until now they win the title 16 times.

However, with Real Madrid and Barcelona you can find even more winners. In fact, that is Atletico Madrid, Valencia, and Deportivo.

For sure we can say that this is the best league in Europe in the last five years. Basically, they lead in Europe for more years than any other league.

Not to mention that from this league we get some of the best clubs in Europe, but I can say even from the World.

This is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, and a huge number of fans enjoy their games.

Competition format

However, here you can find a classic round-robin format. In fact in all-season which starts in August and ends in May every team plays with each other two times.

In fact, they play one time at home and one time in guests. But what is the situation with points?

Well, same as in almost every league, you will get three points for the win, one point for a draw and of course if you lose you will get nothing.

At the end of the season team that has the most points become the champion.

As can be seen, the system of promotion and relegation exist only between Primera and Segunda league.

In fact, the last three teams go in the Segunda Division and the first three teams from the Segunda Division come in La Liga.

And yes it is good to mention that one team is promoted after the play-offs. Basically, teams that end up in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth place will play more games. And one of them will come to the bigger league.

In history, we can see some changes in the number of clubs in La Liga. In fact, in the beginning, we can find only 10 clubs. And after that the number of clubs raised.

Since 1987 you can find 20 clubs, the same number as today. But since 1995-1997 was some change and at that time you can see 22 clubs. All in all this number is changed and now you can see 20 clubs in the competition.

Qualification for European competition

In this case, the four best teams will qualify for the next group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

As a matter of fact, even the winners of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League qualify for the group stage.

In case that from La Liga has 6 teams that are in qualification then the 4th team will go in the Europa League. And that is because every nation can have only 5 teams.

Secondly, the 5th team qualifies for the next season of the Europa League.

Even the winner of Copa del Ray will qualify for the next season of the Europa League. But in case this team ends in the 5 best teams in La Liga, then this place will be reverted for the team that is 6th in the league.

Obviously, some countries have more clubs in the competition than others. And all that is because UEFA calculates the coefficient which depends on the position that the county holds in the UEFA competition.

And in the last couple of years, Spain is in the first place.

History of La Liga League

And how it all start? In this case, Jose Maria Acha first proposes the idea of the national league in Spain. However, this was in April 1927.

As a matter of fact, there was a huge debate about the size of the league and who will compete. But in the end, Real Federation Espanola de Futbol agreed that ten clubs will compete.

The first show up was in 1929 and Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Arenas Club de Getxo, Real Union, Atletico Madrid, Espanyol, and Racing de Santander was in the first season of this competition.

Since the beginning of the competition, only three foundation team have never run out of the Primera Division.

After all that we need to tell you that today we can see the dead race between Real Madrid and Barcelona. In fact, they win almost all titles in the last 10 years.

However, only in the season 2013/14 Atletico Madrid win the title. This was their first title in the last 18 years. And the first title in the ten years that Real or Barcelona didn’t take.

La Liga League clubs in Europe

It is evident that Spain La Liga is in the first at the UEFA rankings. And when we know that they make this ranking based on their performances in European competitions.

As a matter of fact, they look at the results in the last five years. And if we look at La Liga results we will see that Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are at the top then best clubs in European football. In fact, this is only if we look at trophies.

And if we look in the history of European competition with these three will be good to mention that Sevilla and Atletico Madrid will make the five best teams in this range.

Not to mention that in the season 2005/06 La Liga becomes the first league in Europe that win a double crown since 1994. In fact, at that season Barcelona wins the Champions League and Sevilla won UEFA Cup.

In any case, this situation was repeated in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018. And in 2015 this was the first league that has qualified five teams for the Champions League group stage.

La Liga top scorers

In case we look at the La Liga table then we can get a lot of information. However, La Liga top scorer is Leonel Messi.

Not to mention that he even has the record of the most goals in the season. In fact, in season 2011/12 he scores 50 goals and become La Liga top goal scorer.

As a matter of fact, Leonel Messi and Telmo Zarra are the only players who win the title of the best scorer’s in the six-season in the row. For sure they are the Spanish La Liga top scorers.

Finally, the title of La Liga to scorer went in hands of more players. In fact, three players made to win this title five times in a row.

This is Alfredo DI Stefano, Quin, and Hugo Sanchez.

Above all, only one player come near the record of Leonel Messi, and that was Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, he scores 48 goals in season 2014/15.

And if we look at all-time scorers then again we have the Leonel Messi in the first place. Until now he scored 419 goals and behind of his is Cristiano Ronaldo with 311 goals.

But, don’t forget that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t play in La Liga anymore.

La Liga results and table

La Liga is also known as La Liga Stander, because of sponsorship, but let’s take a look little bit in the results from the last season.

First of all, let’s take a look who form this season went to the Segunda Division. In fact, that was Atletic Bilbao, Huesca, and Girona.
Unfortunately, none of these three teams will compete in Primera Division for the Next Season.

And the first team that is promoted in the first division was Osasuna. In fact, they were two years in the Segunda Division. In the second place, Granada comes back in the Primera Division.

And in the last place, but still important was Mallorca. As a matter of fact, they were for six years out of the Primera Division.

However, now we need to take a look at the Spanish La Liga table and take a look at who was the winner. In fact, the La Liga log table shows us that the title of the best went in the hands of Barcelona.

In the second place of La Liga standings was Atletico Madrid, and right behind them was Real Madrid.

La Liga fixtures

In case you want to know La Liga fixture, the is good to know that the first match of the new season will be on 16 August between Atletico Bilbao and Barcelona.

Last season champions will open this season. For sure they will want to win the title for the third time in a row. But Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will try to knock them from the throne.

For Atletico, the first match will be against Getafe. Not to mention that the first El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona will be in October on the Camp Nou and the return match will be on the Santiago Bernabeu in March.

Not to mention that Zidane is coming back on the coach position in Real. And we know that he is the only trainer with Jose Mourinho who wins the title of La Liga in the last decade.

And for Atletico Madrid, the next season will be hard for sure. As a matter of fact, they sell a lot of great players. But on the other hand, they buy some of the players.

For sure, these new players will need some time to settle. But in any case, I would not bet that they will be bad.

And if we look at the La Liga log from the last season. For sure we will see amazing games in the new season.

But not only games, for sure there will be a lot of interesting situations and amazing goals.

La Liga news

Same as every season, in this, we have some news. In fact, some of the players will leave the league, some of them will come back.

After all, some changes will happen for sure. For sure all La Liga live scores you can track on the Soccer 10.

And now, let’s take a look at what is new. Every team adds some of the great players in their team.

Not to mention that for the next season we can see Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic, Rodrygo Goes, Joao Felix and Antoine Grizeman in the La Liga.

On the other hand, there is some speculation that Bale will leave Real Madrid. As a matter of fact, it looks like even Zidane can’t wait that he leave.

However, in another case, Barcelona wants to make come back. In fact, they want that Neymar comes back, but will they made it, we will see.

Generally, there is a lot of speculation who will come back and who will leave. But the reality is a little bit different.

Here are some of the big transfers that we didn’t mention till now. In the first case, we can see the Alvaro Morato who is coming from Chelsea in Atletico Madrid.

In the second place, we can mention Kieran Trippier who came from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid.

So, from this time to the start of the season we can only wait to see what will happen.

But one thing is for sure, more transfers will happen and maybe some of the rumors will become reality. Not to mention that you can track all these La Liga Live scores and find out everything.

We can only wait to see, but for sure in the next season of La Liga League, we can expect a lot of great things.