Kovac is forced to make a move to avoid an explosion

There is a lot of tension in Bayern over the situation of disgruntled Senator Thomas Muller. Niko Kovac gave him only 66 minutes in the last five games, forcing the legendary German national team to express his dissatisfaction.

The locker room is with Muller, he is a product of the club, a world champion in the best years. He is only 30 years old, ready to play and hungry for success with the club, but also personally. Also, he can help the team on the field.

Kovac does not want to leave him on the bench for the sixth consecutive time, thus he wants to avoid the danger of an “explosion” in the locker room. Just because important players like Joshua Kimmich are on his side. Kovac will please Muller in the next games, he will give him much more room to play.

Will this have something with Bayer results or with Soccer 10 results. Well, we can only wait for the next game. But until then we can only guess.


Kovac has his own ideas

They talk about the defeat against Hoffenheim, just before the national break. Some things were agreed upon. So Muller would play from the first minute in the Bavarian derby at Augsburg on Saturday at 3.30 pm.

For sure it is hard to imagine Bayern without Thomas. He is an ideal identification figure for Bayern, such as Bastian Schweinsteiger or Phillip Lahm. There is almost no one like him who managed to become a great player through the youth system.

No one doesn’t know if he wants to go. But we can only imagine how it is sitting on the bench. It’s normal to be dissatisfied and clearly, want to play in the top 11.”

The former Croatian football coach prefers Coman, Gnabry, Coutinho, so there is not much room for him. But in future games, we will see him much more than before. Now is his time to prove how much is he worth.

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