Kaizer Chiefs are getting a Women’s team

FIFA’s Chief Officer for Woman’s Football urged for Kaizer Chiefs club to form a female team at Naturena. This decision was brought up at the CAF Women’s Football Strategy Taskforce Workshop which was held in Cairo.

Jessica Motaung’s meeting in the CAF Workshop has shown to be fruitful after all. Numerous managers and Directors got together to discuss the important issue of promoting female football. They wanted not only to encourage it but also make it more profitable and more commercial for females who enjoy this sport. Read all about it on soccer 10 today;

Kaizer Chiefs can be of great help for this action

Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung spoke at the workshop together with women from across Africa. They discussed the plans on making women’s game forward in Africa. Sarai Bareman was full of praise for Motaung and the Amakhosi as well for their interest in this cause. The Glamour Boys opened up to this matter with the decision to help in every way they can.

They are currently the most successful team in South Africa football if we consider their trophy count over the last 50 years. However, there still no ‘Glamour Girls’ team who can contribute to these stunning results. Now, things are changing and we might soon see the Girls on the field at Naturena.


“We have experts from everywhere across the continent, like Jessica who are marketing and commercial experts. Knowledge of the game is useful so we can use it to build a robust strategy. The great this here is that clubs like Kaizer Chiefs are well established. They have good governance structures in place and have big fan bases. The club-like Amakhosi can use these resources to start establishing – a female team.” – Bareman said.

“The same fan base and resources can be used with good governance. So that will be an investment from the top down and there is a ripple effect. When people see big clubs like Amakhosi having a women’s team, they will recognize it as important. The fans will as well give their support and cheer for them. This will be of great help and create a good image for Women’s football.”