Juventus doesn’t look good, bad form at the wrong time

Milan and Juventus played 1-1 in the first game of the Italian Cup semi-finals. Ante Rebic brought Milan into the lead. Ronaldo saves Juventus with a penalty goal in the referees. Milan was better team almost the whole match, Rebic strike in the fifth minute with a powerful shot from the outside, but Buffon was in the right place.

The first serious job for Buffon was in the 22nd minute when Calabria send a great shoot, but the Buffon defended. Once again, in the 28th minute, Rebic had one great shoot, after Ibrahimovic’s assist. But this shoot wasn’t strong enough. Juventus had only one powerful shoot in the first-half when Cuadrado tries to score.

In the second half, Milan had again great start, in the 47th minute once again Rebic had one great opportunity. But once again Buffon defended brilliantly. And then 14 minutes later, Milan crowned his great performance with a goal. After several opportunities, Rebic finally scored.

Ten minutes later the hosts were in the trouble. They played the entire game very aggressively, but Theo Hernandez got a second yellow card. After this situation, Rebic was out of the game, because Laxalt needs to get in the game to take care of the left-back position.


Juventus tried to score but the goal didn’t come. Finally in the referee’s Juventus got a penalty kick after checking the VAR. Very controversial and not sure if Calabria had enough time to slip his hand. Ronaldo made a sure shot from the penalty spot. He secures them great Soccer10 results for the next game.

Sarri: I’m not worried about Juventus

After the game, Sarri spoke about his team, and he said that he is not worried. It’s hard to see the team that is constantly growing. This is a sport, and so much depends on the physical and psychological conditions of the players.

In the last three weeks, their growth stopped, but they only received two goals more than the best defense in the Serie A. In the next game we should see their captain Giorgio Chiellini back in the game, who injured his cruciate ligaments last summer. As Sarri said, he is the player who would miss in every team in the world. He brings character and energy in the defense. He is feeling well now, and they need to decide when he will play.