Jürgen Klopp calls for FIFA and UEFA managers meeting

Jürgen Klopp wants to call a meeting for FIFA and UEFA to welcome the leading managers in football because of ‘crazydemands on some international players. The Liverpool manager was the biggest critic over the fixture schedule. Even before his team went through qualification for December’s Club World Cup, The Reds were unhappy. The progress to Carabao Cup made a clash of dates which remain unresolved. Klopp insisted his concerned are for the greater good and are shared by all managers, especially the ones in Europe.

Klopp accused the football authorities of placing their financial interest before the wellbeing of the players who are responsible for the game’s popularity. They are doing this by adding competitive fixtures to the international calendar and proposing an expanded Club Worl Cup from 2021. Klopp thinks that the only solution to this is to listen to the ones who do the actual work. Soccer 10 is here with the news;

Klopp wants better conditions for players and coaches

“There should be a meeting where five to 10 top managers of FIFA, UEFA and CEOs in the big leagues. They should discuss it and everyone should have the same vote. The game has grown in the last few years and I get that it is a business. We are part of that and we get the benefit of the business but it grew so much because of the quality of players.

“Our part is to help the players to fulfil their potential. That will only really work with training but unfortunately, modern football manager has no time for training any more. There is a pre-season which is disrupted by everything and for the last says you have your entire squad. The biggest benefit this game could give is one more time out there for these really good coaches. The game could be improved to the next level if we have a period in the year when we could really train together.”


Klopp claims that leading internationals like Sadio Mané are approaching a breaking point with only two weeks of rest per year. He proposed the expansion and summer move of the Club World Cup in 2021 as an example of authorities disregard for the demands on players. What do you think? Is the player’s schedule crazy? Let us know in comments below. Prepare yourself for the next game with supabets codes and fixtures.