Joris Delle – Why He’s Not Playing?

Joris Delle is a new Orlando Pirates goalkeeper. This 29 years old player played in several clubs in his birth country France. French goalkeeper joined Orlando Pirates after being on the books of Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

But still, he didn’t have a debut for this club. It’s been a poor start of the season for Orlando Pirates and a lot of things happen. First, they stayed without a coach, and the new coach doesn’t have a great start. Just take a look at PSL fixtures and everything will be crystal clear to you. No one can be satisfied with their position on the table.

When will Joris Delle have a debut for Orlando Pirates?

At the end of the last season, Jackson Mabokgwane left the club. As his replacement, the French goalkeeper arrived. But until now he didn’t have a debut for Orlando Pirates.

Every new player needs to take some time for adaptation. When some team has a couple of new players they need to build up. But for sure goalkeeper needs to be involved in the situation. They are one important part of the team. The same thing is with Delle. He has been adjusting to the team since he arrived.


Maybe he would have debuted for the team before. But his debut was delayed by an injury sustained while he was training on his own, before the start of the season. But, now he is ready to join the team. Coach is the one who will make a decision when he will play. And everyone needs to respect that. He only needs to focus on his work and the right time will come.

From the beginning of this season on this position, we can see Wayne Sandilands, but Delle will be a huge competition for that position. Joris Delle will need to give his contribution, but the most important thing for them is to win. Every goalkeeper has a simple task to have blank networks. Only like that team can win.

Joris Delle will give us so many great matches in Orlando Pirates colors and if you want to know if there is some new news with the Delle, don’t forget to look at Soccer10.