Jhon Comits didn’t cut the salaries in Cape Town City

Jhon Comitis the chairman of Cape Town City. Despite the hard times in African football. They don’t have too much money at that moment. But the club paid everyone the salaries of 100 percent.

But Comitis admit that the club could be forced to take a salary cut. However, if the football starts they will be secure. But right now the situation is not good.

Because of the corona pandemic, they have a national lockdown, and all sports activities are suspended. But right now Cape Town City didn’t cut the salaries, and they are the only club in the PSL who didn’t do that.

Comitis think that the whole world is not so different, they are in business. They are looking at their financial situation. Right now, every member of the team got 100 percent of their salaries in April. Even if nobody worked. They are trying to do their best if anything changes then they will consider changes.


In April they got a full salary, and they will try to continue like that. They have one goal, to keep everybody on board and safe. Maybe this will not be able to continue until the end of the lockdown, but right now this will stay like this.

Cape Town City players are underrated

Many fans think that Cape Town City players can’t play well in big clubs. But sometimes they just need to have luck. They have some players who played well in Chiefs, Pirates, Sundowns, and many other clubs.

There are many players from Cape Town City who were looking for better opportunities and many of them went out of the country. And they try their luck out of the country.

Many think that Cape Town players got more attention, but that is only because they have more talent than other players. But also they have many other players who have struggled in their own teams. And what is more important, there will be a lot of expectations from the talented players. In the future, we will see how good Soccer10 results they will have.