Ivan Rakitic assisted Messi, Barca is on the top


In the tenth round of Primera, Barcelona celebrated at Camp Nou against Valladolid with one amazing score. The final score of this match was 5-1 for Barcelona. In this game we can see Ivan Rakitic, he played in the last half hour. This was enough for him to assist Leo Messi in the 75th minute.

With this Soccer10 result, Barcelona came in the first place on the table, skipping the championship hit, Granada. Two goals in this game were scored by the marvelous Messi. He scored the first goal in 34th minute, while the second one came in the 75th minute of the game.

The first goal in the game was scored by Lenglet in the second minute. Vidal scored in the 29th minute while Suarez scored in 77 minutes. The only goal for Valladolid was scored by Kiko in the 15th minute.


Ivan Rakitic entered the game in the 60th minute instead of Frenkie De Jong. Only 15th minutes later he assisted Messi for Barcelona’s fourth goal in the match. Croatian midfielder nicely finds Messi who, as usual easily managed and he scored.


In this game, we can see two goals from Messi. The second one came from the free-kick.

It’s hard to leave a player like Ivan on the bench

In the last season, Ivan Rakitic was one of the best Barcelona players. If we look at statistics, he is the player who played in most games last season. He played in 70 games, which is the most of all professional players in the world.

He was an indispensable member of Valverde’s squad, but after De Jong came in the team. Rakitic moved on the bench. Barcelona fans show how much they want Rakitic in the first squad. The last time was in the match against Valladolid. When Ivan entered the game the entire Camp Nou stand up on his feet and applauded him.

He played great in this game. After the game coach, Valverde spoke about Rakitic. He said that is hard to leave a player like Ivan on the bench, but in the team, they have a lot of good players. All this is healthy competition between them.

The champion returned on the top spot in the championship. After this game, maybe some good days will come for Rakitic. For sure in front of Barcelona are good days. Maybe everyone should bet on them on the Betway South Africa app.