Is there any chance that Orlando Pirates win any trophy?

Two clubs have the chance to win the same number of possible trophies in this season, Orlando Pirates and Kizer Chiefs. But will they manage to win them? At the beginning of the season, Orlando Pirates have a chance to win five trophies. But now they can only fight for three of them.

For now, seems that things go downward for the Buccaneers, but we can’t write them off yet. We know them as the slowest starters in every PSL campaign. Right now they can look disorganized but still, there is a hope that they will wake up and that we will see them on the top of the PSL log.

Pirates chances in the new season

Rulani Mokwena got a hard task to pull them out form the deep end. They were caught off guard when Micho Sredojevic leaves the club in the new season. It is hard to explain to all the new players what you want and in which direction the club is taking.

So far, things are not good, but at this moment is the international Fifa break. And for them is at the right time. He will have time to work with the team. Unfortunately, this is their fifth season without a major title. Mokwena is heading the technical team in the interim and on the other hand new players still trying to find their feet.


Their ex-head coach already won his first trophy with Zamalek. A new coach can come in any time, and who joins the club will want to change things around and make everything in his way. But for that, they need some time. For sure he will need to catch the score if he wants to keep Pirates in the major competitions for the next season.

Should they change the coach again, or should they stay with the same one? Well, that is a big question. For sure he needs to have enough time to get settled in the position. Maybe sometime he will need to make some mistakes, only like that he will learn from mistakes.

At the beginning of this season, Pirates have a huge struggle to get back form from the last season. In the last season they were almost unstoppable, but this season they are a different team. And that could cost them. But we will see how the season will end, you can track everything on Soccer10.