Is Manchester United replacing De Gea?

Manchester United is considering the future of David De Gea – at least the rumours say so. The Spanish player recently signed a four-year deal with the club. He is expected to play his prime years with the club. However, a few reports came telling otherwise. The club is supposedly looking for replacements.

The former Atletico Madrid star will be back on the field as soon as the season starts again. Dean Henderson will be back from his loan at the same time so he is not a possible replacement. Instead, he could go for a loan once again for the next season. Sergio Romero could be a competent backup but he isn’t a regular solution for a team who wants to reach the title. United would have to go out of on the market and buy a goalkeeper in case they want to replace De Gea. There is no other solution. Read more on soccer 10 today;

Manchester United should avoid bad decisions

At the moment, that would not be such a great idea. Even though the player’s transfer fees will be greatly reduced because of the coronavirus pandemic, they could still use that money for something else. The football world is currently in a financial crisis and many on the verge of a breakdown.

Manchester United currently needs the money and they could use it in a better way, like signing a new right-winger. They could also ass a world-class central midfielder in case Paul Pogba decides to leave the club.


Another centre-back to put the pressure on Victor Lindelof could show as a good idea as well. For goalkeepers, there are not many better than De Gea right now. However, Andre Onana and Kepa might be decent alternatives. This is not a clear argument to say that either of them would be better than the Spanish player. The Red Devils made a bid for £35 million for the Cameroonian keeper last summer but this was rejected by the Amsterdam-based club.

Barcelona, Chelsea and Tottenham also have their eyes on Onana. Manchester United probably won’t go in bidding war for him. However, the Spanish 29-year-old player agreed on the contract with Red Devils in September. The deal is worth around £375,000 a week and it shows a will from both parties to stay together. It would be unreasonable to look for a De Gea’s replacement in a situation like this.