Instead of quarantine, Jovic went for a walk in Belgrade

The Belgrade State Attorney’s Office has ordered police to file a criminal complaint against Real striker Luka Jovic for not staying in the self-isolation after coming to Serbia. Serbia declared a state of emergency two days ago after dozens of people were positive for coronavirus in that country. Jovic disobeyed a mandatory self-isolation regulation 14 days after arriving in Serbia from a country particularly affected by the Coronavirus, Spain. In Spain, we can see more than 17, 000 infected people, where many people died due to this virus.

Regardless of all this, Jovic was seen walking the streets of Belgrade, instead of going into self-isolation. He came to Serbia, for his girlfriend’s birthday. The footballer’s father said that he had been tested in Spain before. The test was negative. However, it does not mean anything because after that he could have been infected.

Jovic break the rules

After Jovic violating the self-isolation measures prescribed by law. The police did not find him at the address at which he stated that he would be staying. Police warned him that he would be detained if he repeated it. Above all, the prosecution has ordered that a criminal complaint should be filed against Jovic. At the moment when self-isolation will be over, he will need to go on the court. As a result, Jovic faces a serious sentence of up to three years in prison or 150,000 dinars.

After this situation, Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that being athletes and the rich will not stop them from getting penalties. Everyone should follow the rules. The situation in the world and in Serbia is very difficult. After Jovic see that he make a mistake, he decided to the apology.


In the statement he said that he is very sorry, specifically, he is not happy because he is the main topic in the media. He thinks that the main topic should be doctors and all the medical professionals. In Spain, he was negative on the test. For that reason he decided to come to Serbia, to help and support his people. Even if he was tested, he should be in self-isolation. For that reason, he thinks that he didn’t get the right instructions.

In Spain, he could go and buy groceries, which is not the case here. Once more time he apologized. Wishing that they overcome all this situation. Unfortunately, like this, he could infect some people in Serbia. Everyone who breaks rules in a situation like this can help to make bad Soccer10 results against this virus.