How will lool like FC Barcelona 2020

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona 2020 could be even stronger for next season. The Catalan club has won eight of the last ten domestic trophies. There are four league titles, two super cups. It is assumed one of the best players will stay at the club. Although Messi has not signed a new contract, he will probably stay at the club from Catalonia.

After Messi signs a new contract, preparations for the new season should begin. It depends on Lionel what the club will look like in the new season. Barcelona is currently first in the table. While waiting for the season to continue, there are holes in the team that need to be filled. Last summer the club brought in Frenkie de Jong who has already shown he is ready to replace Sergio Busquets. Despite that, the club is waiting for an interesting summer when it comes to player transfers.

The only problem for all clubs could be the economic crisis due to the coronavirus. Due to this crisis, clubs will not be able to spend as much as before. Therefore, work is underway to prepare a plan for what the improved Barcelona team will look like. Luis Suarez is one of the players he is considering finding a replacement for. One solution is Lautaro Martinez from Inter. That transition could cost £ 85 million.

FC Barcelona 2020

Carles Perez

If De Jong moves to the position of the last midfielder, the club will have to find a player who will play in his current position. One of the options is Fabian Ruiz from Napoli. The arrival of Fabian could cost around £ 50 million.


At the moment, the most important thing is to find a player who will fill the hole in the stopper position. So far, Gerard Pique has played in that position. But since he is already 33 years old, the club is considering a younger player, Dayot Upamecano. His arrival would cost £ 45 million.

The list also includes Matheus Fernandes, Francisco Trincao, Pedro González López. With a team like this, Barcelona would surely be unstoppable with even better soccer 10 predictions. The current situation regarding the sale of players is clear. Barcelona could try to make money on dead capital. It is still uncertain what will happen to Arturo Vidal, who should leave the club for 8 million euros. Carles Perez is another player who will maybe leave for 10 million euros.