Guardiola stays in Manchester City despite the ban

In England, the main subject in media is UEFA’s decision to kick Manchester City for two years from the Champions League. They also got a punishment of € 30 million for failing to comply with financial fair play or scamming the amounts of the sponsorship contract.

City announced that they will send an appeal to the Sports Court in Lausanne. If this decision will be confirmed, City will be in big trouble. Not playing the Champions League will be one big problem for them. This will mean the exodus of the main stars.

But accordingly for the English media, last week all players and staff members had to appear in the club for the meeting. At this meeting, they got all important information about situation in the club. After this meeting, Guardiola had a practice with players. In this practice, he calms his players and tells them that they focus on what is ahead of them. And that is the next game against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Pep has one option in his contract where he can leave the club at the end of this season. But it looks like he will be in this position until the end of his contract. He could be the main factor that all big stars don’t leave the club.


Players start to speak about his status in the City

The first player who speaks about his status in the club is Raheem Sterling, who was linked with a transfer in the Real. But he spoke over his manager that he is focused on City and that he is not interested in transfer stories. For sure the strongest Europeans clubs were happy when they heard for the punishment of Manchester City.

They are hoping that they could get some of the best players. But for this, they will need to wait for the final decision of CAS. If we look at the Soccer10 archive, it’s obvious that some of the biggest players can leave the club in the summer of 2021. Fernardinho, Leroy Sane and club legend Sergio Aguero contracts are until that summer.

For now, Sterling will not leave the club, even if the decision to kick them out of Europe will not be canceled. Real is watching this situation from the background, they are preparing a huge deal for Sterling.