Granada CF the cheapest La Liga team currently ranked first – Who are those guys?

Granada CF

Granada CF is one of the cheaper La Liga teams. Did you know they are currently in the first place? Behind them are Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico. According to Transfermarkt, the entire team is worth EUR 33.5 million. That’s less than teams from other lesser-known leagues. The best proof is the value that Atletico, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid have overall.

It’s only been ten rounds since the start of the championship, but it doesn’t matter. The story of a small club in Spain is even more amazing. It didn’t take long to make comparisons with Leicester City FC. But the situation here is a little different. The figures for the Spanish club also show this. Granada CF annually spends about € 35 million on its players. Barcelona spends € 630 million more. That doesn’t mean anything because Granada managed to beat FC Barcelona 2-0.

The small football club managed to spend about 7m euros last summer. The team that recently managed to beat Betis is estimated at more than € 6 million. The Granada team currently has 20 points. That’s the same number of points they had in the 2016/2017 season after being dropped from La Liga.

Coach Diego Martinez, who is only 38, has the only goal. That is to stay in the league. Many agree that this young coach has strange methods of working with players. He takes his players on nature walks, picnics, barbecues. Diego received 28 goals in 42 games last season.


Thanks to Martinez, the team can adapt to their opponents in every game. Martinez was able to make the most of his progress thanks to Monchi, Seville’s athletic director. Diego initially worked with the young team for eight years and won the Spanish Championship.

Granada CF – The new wonder in La Liga

Granada is a football club from Andalusia. It exists since 1931, and all matches are played at Nuevo Los Carmenes Stadium. After Seville, Betis Granada was the third Andalusian national team to compete in La Liga. The first game was played in 1931 against Deportivo when they won 2-1. The first goal of the match scored Antonio Bombillar.

Initially, the team played at Campo de Las Tablas until 1995. Since that year, the games have been played at Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes with a capacity of 22,524 seats. This is believed to be just the beginning for a small football team that is sure to have many more good results in Soccer 10 matches. Who knows what the supabets fixtures and codes will be for this team. It would be nice to know now, wouldn’t it?