Gianni Infantino announces when football will be played again

Gianni Infantino announces when the strongest football leagues in the world can play again. UEFA has delayed the Europa League and Champions League finals for female football players. The competition was due to take place in May but was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic. The football situation commented the FIFA president. He stated that health comes first, and only then comes everything else.

Everyone must be prepared for all possible scenarios. Neither of us should panic, but one thing must be clear – matches will only be played again when there is no danger to anyone’s health. All leagues should heed the recommendations of the World Health Organization and their governments.

Infantino is aware that the recession is increasingly likely after the pandemic has passed, but is aware that it will have to wait and see how it will all affect the world economy. No one can know at this time when the situation will normalize. One scenario is to try to reform world football. There may be less competition, but more interesting. With fewer matches to maintain players’ health.

Many clubs have a certain future, and many are most interested in what will happen to Liverpool, Atalanta, and many more teams… It will certainly be difficult to predict what will happen in the end and whether it will be up to them after the pandemic to increase soccer 10 results. Most importantly, that the virus situation is over and all these clubs can continue playing.


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Despite being committed to playing fewer games, Gianni has supported moves that have lately been an additional cluttered calendar of football competitions. Under his leadership, the World Cup has expanded from 32 to 48 nations, which should be realized by 2026. The new 24-team World Cup should begin in 2021.

On Monday, the FIFA president spoke with the World Health Organization where he launched a new FIFA campaign to stem the spread of the virus. FIFA has donated more than £ 8m to fight the virus. He admitted that everyone must be strong now. There will soon be times when football will again be at its highest.