German soccer fans express support with cardboard

As the future of the sport is still uncertain because of the coronavirus outbreak, German soccer fans want to do everything to support their league. For that reason, they started putting cardboard cutouts of themselves into the empty stadiums which would cheer their teams up.

For now, all sports around the world are still delayed. There is even a chance that Tokyo Olympics which were already moved for another year, still won’t go as planned. If the vaccine becomes available it will turn everything around.

German soccer fans supporting their favourite team through cardboard cutouts of themselves

France announced that their football season will be cancelled and the next season could begin in September. America is working to reopen the athletic facilities. So the NBA, MLB and other major sports leagues could start playing. However, there is no solid plan – but one.

Of course, we are speaking about Germany. The German Bundesliga is set to be back already in May and fans have already given their contribution to the league. This is the perfect way to avoid health risks but still support their favourite team.


The supporters of Borussia Mönchengladbach, the German club which sits in the fourth place of the Bundesliga standings purchased the cardboard cutouts. As soon as the club came up with this idea, it took the German soccer world by storm. It didn’t take long for the stadium to fill in.

Anyone can buy the cardboard cutout of themselves for a price of 19 euros. To get the cardboard cutout, visit this link. Then, you need to snap or upload your picture, fill in some info and get your order ready. Your order will be sent to Mönchengladbach, a city in western Germany where it will be printed.

So far, the cardboard campaign got to 10,000 orders. For photos, fans even dress up – wearing their scarves and jerseys. Even the supporters for opposing side have ordered their cardboard cutouts to cheer for the visitors. Bayern Munich is not happy that the club in the fourth place of Bundesliga came up with this idea first.

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