Gerard Piqué warns about problems in FC Barcelona – What is happening to Spanish club?

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué warned about problems in FC Barcelona. Did you know that the Spanish football club is again in trouble? Although FC Barcelona recently won an away game at Getafe, in the club still prevailed negative atmosphere. According to the latest sources, there seems to be no week when no new problem arises. The last was on Saturday when Pique complained to management.

Gerard Piqué stated that the management when it wishes to communicate with the staff, can do so in a different way than in the way it used to be. Pique said everyone knows the club and they know what the media is like. It is not a goal for any of them to argue but to be as good as possible in the field. But this is not the first problem the club’s players and coaches have encountered.

Barcelona tried to bring Neymar this summer. Thus, all news related to the transfer of this player was monitored daily. Neymar eventually didn’t sign for the club and Messi, meanwhile got injured. From that moment for the club began difficult times. The arrival of Neymar created several problems. The first is that a player of that caliber couldn’t come to the club.

Another problem is that some players have been offered to go to another club. In the end, it happened that many were on the way out when in the end there was nothing from the Neymar transfer. One of those players is Ivan Rakitic, who played many minutes in the first two seasons when Valverde took over the club. Since the beginning of this season, he spends most of his time on the bench and only enters the second half. Can’t wait to see more news on Soccer 10.


Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué

Piqué is one of the most famous professional players to play as center back at the Barcelona football club. Piqué is considered one of the best defender players in the world. He was born 2nd of February 1987. Gerard joined Manchester United Academy in 2004 where he stayed for four years. He returned to Barcelona in the time of Pep Guardiola. It was he who helped the club win the UEFA Champions League two years in a row. He has played for the national team 102 times. Piqué first played for the national team in February 2009.