Gavin Hunt: PSL season can’t be null & void

If we ask Gavin Hunt, Bidvest Wits coach, this PSL season can’t be declared null and void for various reasons. But still, there is no need to rush with this season.

Before five days there was a meeting of the PSL Executive Committee, where they speak about the future of the PSL season 2019/20. They stop to play on March 16, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, there will be a meeting of the League with SAFA. They need to discuss the proposal for the governments. Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture invited everyone for a unified stance from the mother body and it’s a special member.

Hunt speaks about PSL

If we ask Hunt, for him it’s imperative that this season resume, but in the time when it will be safe to do that. Also, he thinks that the season 2020/21 shouldn’t be a problem.


Right now it’s important to get back on the field, even if that means that they will need to play behind closed doors. Things are going well for some time, but still, no one can say that is safe to play.

All regulations are made from the people that are in this, and only when they say that they can play, they will do that. Hunt thinks that they need to finish this league. For him, there are too many things at stake, that they will declare this season null and void.

There is plenty of time to finish this season, there is no rush to finish it. They can easily start nest season later, or both of them can run it concurrently. Basically, if they finish this season this Saturday, they can start the new season on the net Saturday. It doesn’t make any difference.

Right now, they only need to start this season and get back on the field. Even if they will play in front of the empty stands. They maybe don’t have 12 different fields, but they will need to find a new way of how to handle that. We can’t say what results for PSL will Bidvest Wits have. But, right now it’s only important that they start to play.