Gareth Bale is no longer welcome in Madrid

Gareth Bale with his team

Gareth Bale has recently been criticized by the Spanish fans. He is referring to certain media as well as fans of the famous football club. The situation for the well-known player has worsened since Wales’ placement in the Euro. It all started after Marca posted a picture of Gareth Bale after the last qualifying game.

Marca is one of the most widely read newspapers in the country that supports Real Madrid. The Wales captain celebrated his placement on a Euro flag not liked by the Spanish fans. Many believe that the flag is a mockery to his club. There were three words on the flag. Written in this order: Wales, Golf, Madrid. Real Madrid has so far spent about 200m euros on Bale.

After the flag image appeared, many commented on Bale’s priorities. In this way, Garet wanted to make fun of Predrag Mijatovic, who said the same a month ago. It was Predrag Mijatovic who accused Bale of not having Real Madrid in the first place. On one occasion, Predrag stated that he doesn’t understand Bale as a player. How someone who has spent so much time at a Spanish club is not yet accustomed to the environment in which he lives.

Bale played the last match for Real on the 5th of October. He was reportedly unable to play due to injury. But that cannot be true because he played for Wales in the meantime. There he scored goals against Croatia as well as Hungary. This could be the last moment in La Primera for a player from Wales. Now the leadership club has to make the decision together with Zinedine Zidane.


Gareth Bale

Gareth is a footballer currently playing for the Wales national team as well as Real Madrid. He is best known for his ability to score from a distance. He was praised by many for his physical quality as well as his incredible speed. Bale started his career at the Southampton club. There he played at the left-back position. Gareth moved to Tottenham in 2007 where he developed into the player he is today.

In September 2013, he moved to Real Madrid for around € 100 million. He already had a major role in the first season. He helped the club won Copa del Rey. After that the Champions League. It is still uncertain where Bale will end up, which club he will play for. But he will continue playing great on betway mobile with even better results for soccer 10.