For Messi, Ronaldo is the best striker ever

In an interview, Lionel Messi chose his career goal but also spoke about the mentality of the Argentine people. He was also asked what was his best striker of all time.

For him, Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a phenomenon. He is the best striker ever seen. One amazing player. Everyone considers El Clasico as the world’s largest derby. For sure Messi is a big part of this derby. But he sees this differently.

In Argentina, you can find a couple of Derbys, River-Boca Juniors or in Rosario derby. These two are like Barcelona – Real, but they are a lot of crazier because Argentina is a lot crazier nation.

If you don’t win there in derby, be prepared to have a very, very difficult life there. While in Spain it is a little bit different, when you lose, nothing to anyone. You can get out of the house without any problem.


People in Argentina lives for a derby, people in Argentina experience football differently. Also, Messi spoke in this interview that he wants to play in Newell’s Old Boys derby – Rosario Central.

For Messi, records don’t mean to much

He loves to say that he is not a shooter at all. Or at last, he is not a classic shooter or center fielder. He loves to come in from the back, take a ball, create chances.

Of course, he loves to score, as every player does. But this is not his obsession. He has a bigger problem if he doesn’t touch a ball for a long time. Basically, he loves to be a part of the action, every action.

With such a talent you need to be born, you can’t learn from Winning form online guide. You are the winner, or you are not. If you ask him will he leave Barcelona, then he will tell you that he doesn’t think about that.

In this interview, he said that he doesn’t see himself leaving. The only dream he has is to play one day in Argentina in Newell. But no one doesn’t know if this will happen.

For him, his family is before his wishes. In his career, they spoke that he cheers for some different clubs from Argentina. But there is only one truth, he always cheered for Newell’s Old Boys. This hasn’t changed until today. We can only wait for the future and look at Soccer10 what will happen with Messi. Who knows, maybe in the future we will see him in Newell.