First reinforcements for Newcastle United

New Saudi owners of Newcastle United will invest € 250 million in the club to bring new players and bring them back to the Champions League. Looking in the Soccer10 archive, the last time when they played in this competition was in the 2002/03.

We still didn’t get an official announcement from the Premier League that they changed the owner. But the media already spoke about new players they want to bring in the club. This summer they should start to build a new team. They are mentioned many great names in these transfers.

Players who Newcastle United will bring?

The first option is Edinson Cavani. The 33-year-old Uruguayan player whose contract expires and will not be extended. His next employer will not have to pay compensation to the French player. David Beckham wants to see Cavani in Inter Miami. He can meet all his financial requirements. But Cavani could end up in the Newcastle as well.

One of the possible players is Dries Mertens. This player is mostly associated with Chelsea. He is at the exit door of Napoli, his contract is until the end of June, and the 32-year-old wants to stay in Europe.


Gareth Bale is also an option. The realization of this work would not be a surprise. Because he doesn’t have a good relationship with Zinedine Zidane. Zidane lost confidence in him and he wants to sell him in January. But none of the clubs didn’t want to buy him. Because no one can’t give him a salary as he has in the Real.

The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF), led by Prince Mohammad bin Salman, has decided to buy the club from Mike Ashley for € 343 million. The new owners will also invest € 250 million in the team and renovation of the club’s club facilities.

This investment is the first in a series of three-year cash injections. Manager Steve Bruce will get around 150 million euros to put the team together. And his first goal is to return to the Champions League where they last were in the 2002/03 season.