Fifa introduces new football rule because of coronavirus

In recent days we can hear that many leagues will have a comeback. Right now English football players are hoping that they will come back on the football field on the 8th of June. Bundesliga will start at the beginning of May. But now Fifa will bring one new rule.

Fifa proposed the introduction of interim measure which will allow teams to make five substitutions per game instead of the previous three substitutions. A leading football organization thinks that this idea would help teams to get through the tight schedule that awaits them once their leagues will start.

Every national championship will try to finish within the deadline. But all this means that football players will come back after a long time without training. Even if they did individual training, football players will return on the field and they will need to play in the rhythm of three or four games in the week. The break was too long and they didn’t use the play on such a rhythm. With this decision, Fifa only wants to save football players and give them a chance for better Soccer10 results.

Fifa is awaiting approval

This proposal should be approved by Fifa’s body IFAB. This body brings all decisions and rules, but the final word will have the organizers of the competition. With this rule, every team will be allowed to make five substitutions in one game. And they will have the option to make one substitution if they will play extra time.


Fifa adds that the changes should be made at three intervals plus half time. The measure would start running this season and would continue into next season, and would apply to all international matches played after December 31 next year.

However, Fifa is one of the main bodies of football. They have a task to save a football competition and football players. No one doesn’t want to have many injuries in the team. Every team has just one goal, and that is to make a good result. They will not have a chance if their players will be exhausted or injured.