FIFA council talking measures for spitting players

FIFA council has made numerous decisions as they prepare for the slow return of the football season. The biggest focus is now on – spitting players. Just a while ago, this was something nobody would look twice. However, after the coronavirus outbreak, this has become a dangerous practice.

The British government is working to get the English Premier League back on its feet again, as soon as possible. The top-flight players are already putting their kits on as they wait for a green light. As many are still questioning the fitness of players, there are still many other things to worry about.

FIFA council wants to consider every instance before getting back on the field

The act of spitting in football is a very common practice. Despite it not being so hygienic, it wasn’t a problem until we met with a virus which spreads through saliva.

As this seems a small problem now and easily regulated, the governing bodies of English football have different opinions. “We need to be very careful before moving on.”


Forgetting about a small instance as this one could possibly make them shut down the competition once again. So at this moment, they can’t be careful enough.

The football administration has prepared possible punishments for this kind of behaviour. The Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden department will help with the discussions to restart the season. On a weekly basis, the sports governing bodies will have a meeting with medical officials. The representatives of the Public Health England will also include in the discussion.

The sport could continue if they fulfil the government tests, like NHS capacity, frequent testing and PPE and of course, the decrease of infection and death rates. Football will be of course, behind the closed doors probably for the rest of the season.

The Premier League is under constant review and the clubs are organizing the shareholders meeting on Friday. The return is coming closer and some Arsenal players are even thought to start their training next week.

Not only the Premier League, but Bundesliga is also preparing to get back on the field. The top-flight players are already back in training.

The France League 1 is looking at the middle of the June and the players may be back on May 11. Surprisingly, in Italy, the sports teams might resume already after the 18th of May. When the season continues, be ready with the soccer 10 tips and predictions.