FC Bayern Munich defeat Red Star in Champion League

FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich managed to beat Red Star and show once again why they are one of the strongest German football clubs. Bayern was able to beat Red Star 3-0 with important assistance from players such as Ivan Perisic. Bayern thus convincingly passed the first round of the group stage of the competition.

Bayern managed to impose themselves on the pitch from the first minute, although the Star also defended well, looking for a chance to counter-attack. In the end, they failed to create a single clean opportunity. Bayern, on the other hand, managed to score from the first straight attempt. Ivan Perisic went down the left side and assist to Coman, who then scored 1-0. Just six minutes later Coutinho scored another goal, but because of hinterland the judge canceled the goal.


The second half was like the first one, only Bayern had even more opportunities. But as many opportunities, as they had, they also missed out many of them. A German football club stepped up to settle the game in the 80th minute after Lewandowski redeemed himself for a missed opportunity. The final score was set by Thomas Muller in the first minute overtime. The match was over then and Bayern couldn’t be happier to win the first game of the group stage. In the end, they hit 33 shots, of which 10 ended at the goal frame. The Red Star players shot eight times, but none of their balls ended up in goal. It would be interesting to follow their progress on Soccer 10 and to learn the latest Champion League Results.

FC Bayern Munich

Bayern is a German club based in Munich. It is one of the most famous clubs, the most for its long history and professional football team. The club exists since 1900. They won their first national championship in 1932 but still didn’t enter to Bundesliga. The club achieved its greatest success in the mid-1970s. They won the European Cup three times in a row.


Red Star

Red Star is a Serbian football club based in Belgrade. They are the only football club from the former Yugoslavia to win the European Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. With 30 national championships won and 2 state super cups, Red Star is the most successful football club in the former Yugoslavia. According to recent polls, Red Star is the most popular football club in Serbia.