FC Barcelona is preparing a sensational transfer

FC Barcelona appears to have problems in many areas. For some time now the club has had bad relations between teammates as well as between sports director Eric Abidal and players. Problems exist in the offensive part where they don’t have enough players, as evidenced by the results this season. It is clear to everyone that the results are below expectations. The club will try to solve the problems in the attacking part by returning player Adama Traoré. Adama plays in the wing position and left the club in 2015. He has become one of the best players in the league this season in Wolverhampton.

Traoré admitted that he had not parted with the club in the best of conditions. He thinks he had to make a difficult decision that he didn’t regret in the end. Due to major problems in Barcelona, ​​Adama couldn’t develop further as a player. The latest news is that this 24-year-old is due to make his debut for the Spanish national team soon. The Barcelona football club has sold Traoré for € 10 million. The contract included a clause allowing the player to return to the Catalan club next year. But since Traore moved to Middlesbrough the clause has ceased to be valid.

Looks like this is one of the better seasons for this player. So far he scored five goals and had 10 assists. Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola thinks all the best about this player. Traoré recently stated that his goal is to become one of the best in England. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a return to Spain. Maybe with his return soccer 10 results will get even better.

Who is a young talented player that FC Barcelona wants back?

The professional young winger player was born on the 25th of January. At the beginning of his professional career, he played mostly for the reserves. After leaving Catalonia in 2015 he signed for Aston Villa. A year later, he transferred to Middlesbrough. Two years later Adame started playing for the Wolverhampton Wanderers. He also played for the young Spanish national team.


In February six years ago, the Football Federation from Mali stated that Traoré and an older brother had decided to play for them. But although Adam initially intended to play for Mali shortly after, he received a call from the Spanish national team. His last statement confirmed that nothing was final about his playing for the Spanish national team.