Everton FC lost the lead in the final minutes of the game

Everton FC – Newcastle United

Everton FC failed to win the match against Newcastle United. In the 24th round of the English Premier League, it seemed Everton would take all three points, but that didn’t happen. It was a dramatic finish at stadium Goodison Park. The Liverpool home team scored two goals before 54 minutes and it looked like they would eventually win three points.


The first goal scored Moise Kean, other Calvert-Lewin. But the Liverpool team failed to hold the lead. Eventually, they fell just before the end of the match. Newcastle United’s best player was Florian Lejeune entering the game after 70 minutes. Twenty minutes later he scored two goals for Newcastle United.

Everton FC – Newcastle United highlights

Judge Simon Hooper decided there will be four minutes in extra time. In the end, the final minutes were crucial for United to score and Everton to lose the advantage of two goals. After the referee had decided that extra minutes would be played, Newcastle was awarded a corner. Although there was a lot of bounce before, the teammates managed to pass the ball to Florian who scored the first goal.

At first, it looked like United would lose another game after missing a lot of chances at the start of the game.


The away team failed to get back to their area of ​​the pitch, and they were again given the ball to attack. First Fernandez shot from the right but hit a tripod. The ball then bounced to Hayden who failed to score. But it was Florian Lejeune who scored the second goal. Many will agree that Newcastle United performed a true miracle when a French player came into the game.


United played a solid game in the first 15 minutes. After 24 minutes, Almiron came in from the right, feinted, then sped past the off-balance defender. But Everton was able to deflect the ball from the corner. That attempt for United failed, but the Newcastle team showed it was ready to score. In the first half-hour possession of the ball was only 36 percent. Everton managed to score after the first 30 minutes of the match. It was an interesting game with a lot of twists and turns.