Euro 2020 qualifications – Why was Cristiano Ronaldo upset?

Euro 2020 qualifications

Euro 2020 qualifications as they comming to the finish are becoming more interesting. Last weekend, several games were played. Particularly interesting was the one where Portugal played against Luxembourg. The match eventually ended with Portugal’s 2-0 victory. But it was not the most interesting part of the match. As now and then, Ronaldo had a statement that made many laughs.

Ronaldo is one of the best offensive players of all time also known for his arrogant behavior. He didn’t remain obliged this time either. Cristiano blamed the organizers for the pitch on which the match was played. At the Euro 2020 qualifications, Portugal was a better team than Luxembourg. Ronaldo criticized the pitch when it was all over.

He thinks it’s not easy to play in a stadium where everything is more like a potato field than a serious terrain. It is not clear to him how his team could play in such a place. Ronaldo thinks it was not his team’s best performance, but overall they did a great job. Cristiano is looking forward to seeing his squad fight again at Euro. It will be the fifth appearance of a famous player in a major competition.

The famous footballer joined his team recently after the Juventus – Milan game. In that match, Maurizio Sarri pulled him out of the game, causing Ronaldo to go mad. Coach Sarii, as well as Ronaldo, claims that a recent incident is hiding an injury. That was the main reason Ronaldo was replaced.


Euro 2020 qualifications

After several games played, it became known which teams had already qualified for EURO. Those are:

  • Germany – Group C
  • Netherlands – group C
  • Austria – Group G
  • Croatia – Group E
  • Finland – Group J
  • Italy – Group J
  • Russia – Group I
  • Belgium – Group I
  • Turkey – Group H
  • France – Group H
  • Poland – Group G
  • Sweden – Group F
  • Spain – Group F
  • Ukraine – Group B
  • Czech Republic – Group A
  • England – Group A

EURO 2020 will surely be an interesting competition. Many are already starting to study betway results to know who to bet on. It is important to research all the matches on soccer 10 today to get the most accurate information possible. Next summer will certainly be of interest to anyone who loves watching top football.