Espérance Sportive de Tunis

Espérance Sportive de Tunis is a sports club based in Tunis, Tunisia. They are also known as EST, ES Tunis, Espérance ST, or Espérance de Tunis.

Besides football, it fields several sports teams including handball and volleyball. It is a team that has a very rich history and is well known around the world.

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History of Espérance Sportive de Tunis

This club was founded in Bab Souika which is one of the historic gates of the capital of Tunisia, Tunis. It was founded on January 15, 1919. The club was named Taraji in Arabic and the name came from the name of a coffeehouse in which the team members often met each other.

So far Esperance managed to win 29 Tunisian League titles, 15 Tunisian Cups and 4 Tunisian Supercups. Not to mention, the continental level where they have won 4 CAF Champions League titles. In 2001, they have set a new record in Tunis by winning the national title four years in a row. They have beaten the previous record which was three in a row by Italia de Tunis back in 1937.

After that, in 2004, they extended this run to win seven consecutive titles in a row. Their home colours are yellow, red and black with a distinctive design on the shirt. On the contrast, their away colours are completely blue from head to toe. The present manager of the club is Moïne Chaâbani and current chairman is Hamdi Meddeb. At this point, their home ground is at Stade Olympique de Radès. Later they transferred their stadium to El Menzah with a capacity of 45.000.

Not to mention, their active sections of sport are football, handball, volleyball, rugby, swimming, wrestling, boxing and judo. Besides winning CAF Champions League 4 times, they also won CAF Super Cup once, CAF Cup Winners Cup and CAF Cup one time, while they won 29 times in League 1 and 13 times in domestic Cup.

Espérance Sportive Fixtures

Of course, we all can’t wait for Espérance Sportive to finally gets on the field. Above all, the wait won’t last long as already on 12th September you will see their match against Tout-puissant Elect Sports in CAF Champions League this season. Not to mention, they will play them again on 29th September so don’t miss your chance to watch the game.

In CAF Super Cup this season they had a match against Zamalek on 15th August which ended withdrawn. Not that said, we continue on Ligue 1 where there is much more to talk about. First-round against US Tataouine they have played on 24th August. Their next match after that was on 26th August and they played CA Bizertin. After that, you will have to be patient to watch the next match which is coming up on 13 September when they will face CS Hammam-Lif.

Afterwards, on 27th September you will be able to see a match against AS Slimane. Not long after, they will face US Ben Guerdane on 4th October. On 23rd of the same month, they will play against Club Sportif Sfaxien. In November, they will have a bit more matches. To begin with, on the 1st of November, they will play
Étoile du Sahel, then on 9th they will play Stade Tunisien, on 22nd against Club Africain and on 29th CS Chebba. Against US Monastir they will play on 6th December, on 14th of the same month they will face ES Métlaoui and on 27th they will finally play against JS Kairouan.

Players of Espérance Sportive de Tunis

To begin with, this club is recognized by their skilled and professional players so for that reason, we will take a closer look into their presently team. The current goalkeepers of this club are Moez Ben Chérifia and Rami Jridi. At this point, they have 8 defenders from which are some born in Tunisia and some from Algeria. Those are Abdelkader Bedrane, Raouf Benguit, Malek Charfi, Ilyes Chetti, Chamseddine Dhaouadi, Iheb Mbarki, Houcine Rabii, Mohamed Ali Yaâkoubi.

Now that said, there are the team’s midfielder who are generally from Tunisia, except Fousseny Coulibaly who is from Ivory Coast. The rest of them are Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane, Maher Ben Seghaier, Amine Meskini, Wassim Naghmouchi. There are also 11 of their forwards we need to mention. Those are Hamdou Al Masry who comes from Libya, Youcef Belaïli and Tayeb Meziani from Algeria, Bernard Bulbwa and Junior Lokosa from Nigeria and Ibrahim Ouattara from Ivory coast. The rest of the forwards who are from Tunisia are Anice Badri, Zied Berrima, Haythem Jouini, Yassine Khenissi and Moumen Rahmani.

However, like any other team, this team has very frequent transfers. For that reason, in case you want to place a bet, you need to stay informed. In case you don’t know what players are in the team at this moment, it will be much harder to predict the overall outcome of the game. So just follow the latest news, the latest transfers and you should be fine. And of course, you need to check out the player info and get to know them a bit better. Every player has its records, worth and with that, you can predict everything.

Lastest Transfers

In case you want to place a good bet, you need to first get to know the players. You need to know who plays in the team at every moment because the entire outcome of the game might depend on it. So hurry up and browse around because your ticket might not be so precise as you thought. Now that said, let’s move on to the latest transfers in the Espérance Sportive.

Six players joined in the Espérance Sportive team in July but also 5 of them got out during June and July. Ilyes Chetti who came from JS Kabylie , Abdelkader Bedrane from ES Sétif and Raouf Benguit from USM Alger. Malek Charfi came from ES Métlaoui, then Wassim Naghmouchi transferred from US Ben Guerdane. At last, Ibrahim Ouattara was last player that got in from CA Bizertin. That is mostly it for the players who got in.

Now that said, let’s move on to the players who got out of the team. Luckily there is much less of them and Adem Rejaibi is the first of the players who went to CA Bizertin. Next player on the list is Franck Kom went to Al Rayyan. Ayman Ben Mohamed went to Le Havre AC and then Aymen Ben Mahmoud went to AS Slimane. The last player to transfer to other team was Ghaylène Chaalali who got out of Espérance to join Yeni Malatyaspor.

Results and Basic Info

Espérance sportive de tunis site officiel is easily found online so you can follow them at any moment. By all means, don’t hold yourself only on that page but use everything you can in means of getting the right prediction for your bets. Esperance is a great team which has amazing players but you need to stick to the transfer news to find out what are the recent changes. Players come and go from each team to some other team and if you lose track it will be hard to catch up.

However, for that reason, we are here to help you with all of the catching up you might have left to do. To begin with, let’s start with the season 1994/1995 where this club managed to get one and only win. Their following year didn’t become any better than that but the year after they already got 6 matches. In Season 2006/2007 they jumped from 6 to astounding 33 matches altogether. Year after they dropped to 31, then 26. However, it didn’t take them long to return as already in Season 2009/2010 they won 32 matches. Not to mention, only one year after they managed to break their own record with 37 matches. After that, in Season 2011/2012 they won 43 matches and stayed above 40 for three years.

So, basically in the season 2011/2012, they won 43, then a year after 41 and then again, in the season 2013/2014 they won 45. Afterwards, they dropped down a bit winning 37, then 30 for two years from 2015 to 2017. In the season 2017/2018 thy jumped up to 36 matches and then, the season after this they once again, broke their own record with 51 matches. So far in this season, they are on 16 matches.

Their Managers Throughout the History

To begin with, this club has changed so many managers it is hard to count them. Of course, it is the case with every club that has been on the field for such a great number of years. If we take into account that Espérance Sportive are here for 100 years, then a number of 25 managers doesn’t seem like such surprise anymore. Not to mention, espérance sportive de tunis mercato had managers from all around the world. Let’s begin getting into that a bit more.

First of all their managers was Robert Domergue born in France and he came to the place of manager in 1968. After that, Stjepan Bobek from Croatia took his position in 1978. In 1984, again a french man, Roger Lemerre took the place. They had managers from Brasil like Amarildo and Poland like Antoni Piechniczek. Andon Dončevski came from North Macedonia and after that, in 1996, Gigi Maifredi came from Italy. For the first time in 2006, everything was taken over by a manager from Tunisia and that was Khaled Ben Yahia.

However, his place was taken by a Cabralzinho from Brasil already in 2008. Faouzi Benzarti who is also from Tunisia took over the club only a year later. After that, in 2009, José Morais from Angola was in the position. Afterwards, from 2010, there were numerous managers from Tunisia like Faouzi Benzarti, Maher Kanzari, Nabil Maâloul and then again Maher Kanzari took over in 2013. Not to mention, those years were the years of triumph for the team and everything went swimmingly. So, management and coaching are the biggest keys to success. From that point, their management mostly stayed in hands of Tunisians which you can see by presently manager, Moïn Chaabani.

Esperance Sportive de Tunis live

Above all, there is a lot of news about this club and much more articles so it is hard to keep track sometimes. Things are changing really fast and it is hard to predict the net move. However, Soccer 10 will do the best to let you know the most important. As you know, Ayman Ben Mohamed has left the club. However, you might not know that it was extremely emotional for this player – he stated that this was one of the most difficult decisions he had to make in his life. He addressed an open letter to all of his fans and the club as well in which he described his reasons why he left and how he feels about it.

First of all, he wanted to improve his skills and of course, work on his career. He was grateful for everything club gave him and for the team he had. However, now we can expect more from this player and he even might come back better and more prepared for the game than ever.

In other news, CAF ordered a second leg after Africa Cup of Nations after Moroccan side Wydad walked off an hour into the return fixture in Tunis. It was because VAR malfunction meant a disallowed equaliser could not be reviewed so they backed off. Esperance led 2-1 at the time so they were handed the title but shortly after it was concluded that playing and security conditions were not met.