El Clasico: Barcelona – Real Madrid game postponed

El Clasico La Liga

In El Clasico Barcelona FC should play against Real Madrid on the 26th of October. But due to recent events, it is clear that one of the world’s most famous derbies will take place the other day. La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation don’t want the match to be played in Barcelona. Catalonia is currently in trouble because of major protests.

Oh no… We will not have the opportunity to watch the game between two great clubs!

There is great dissatisfaction in Barcelona and other Spanish cities. Recently, the Supreme Court sentenced organizers of a referendum held two years ago to a lengthy prison. Catalan authorities decided to ask the citizens if they were in favor of separating from the rest of Spain. Both football institutions don’t want Real Madrid to come to a province that conflicts with the authorities in Madrid.

Everyone is taking this situation seriously. The proof is at the same time the Spanish government’s opposition to the El Clasico in the capital of Catalonia. That is why La Liga has suggested that the match in Madrid. The derby should then take place in March. But the proposal was eventually rejected by both clubs.


That is why the competition committee is closest to the decision to hold the next El Clasico on the 18th of December. La Liga doesn’t like the date because the match is due to be played on Wednesday. But due to the busy schedule, both clubs have no other solution. The first round matches of the King’s Cup should be held that day.

El Clasico

The match between the two clubs Barcelona – Real Madrid has another name, El Clasico. First, it started with the Spanish Championship competitions. Today, this term is generalized and implies every known match between the two clubs. Just like Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League. Clasico is one of the largest and most-watched football games in the world.

The main reason for the rivalry between the two clubs is that they are from the two largest cities in Spain. Formerly, the rivalry was identified with Catalan and Spanish nationalism. The rivalry between the two clubs is considered one of the biggest in the sport. These are also two of the richest and most successful clubs. In 2014, Forbes added them to the list of the most respected sports teams. Both clubs have a large number of fans. La Liga is one of the most popular football competitions in the world. We can’t wait for Soccer 10 to see what the final result will be.