Does Croatia have the best midfielders in the world?

Does Croatia have the best midfielders in the world? Many of you will ask this question. For the Croatian national team, the greatest strength was almost always the midfield. Just if we look at the Soccer10 archive, we can see that Zvonimir Boban, Robert Prosinecki, Niko Kranjcar are part of that line. Today, we can’t forget to mention Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic. All these players made the national team recognizable.

After Croatia took the second place in the World Cup in Rusia, the first concern emerged was how the national team will play when Modric and Rakitic say goodbye to football. This was more than justified because, throughout this competition, everyone can see that they play well when both of them are on the field. But the problems start when the Croatian national team is without one of them.

A year and a half later, the situation is completely different. Croatian national team now doesn’t have a problem if one of these two players is out of the game. Modric is a unique player, but even his absence is not a problem for a team.

Croatia has all the players in top form

Marcelo Brozovic is certainly the first player in the next generation of Croatian’s midfielders. Under the spell of Spalletti, but also under the spell of Conte, he has grown into one of the midfielders.


The same thing can be said for Nikola Vlasic. Right now he is one of the best players in the Rusian League. Finally, he confirmed his quality in the national team. Mate Kovacic is playing nice for a long time. But since he came to Chelsea he is playing the best football in his career. Finally, he is playing a football which everyone has been waiting for half a decade.

A big gain for Croatia in this season is Marko Rog. He becomes one of the very important midfielders in the last couple of months in his club. While he was playing in the HNL, he was one of the unstoppable players. Now he shows all his qualities in Serie A.

Finally, the Croatian national team has something that any Croatian national team hasn’t have before. An incredible depth in the midfield, but most important the diversity in player quality. They were never before in a situation that one injury in the midfield is not a problem. There is a lot of players in this position who playing at a high level.

The competition is extremely strong, but despite all that, there are very good arguments that at this moment no one has such a diversity in the midfield as Croatia.